Clintons to Obama: we’re solid bro…

(Copyright 2008)


By Tony Walther

So, Mr. And Mrs. Clinton have spoken. They both have now come out in full-force support of Barack Obama as the Democratic Party nominee for president against the presumptive Republican nominee John McCain.

They could not have come out any stronger, so all this worry that they would be sore losers should be put to rest, although right up to his stellar speech in favor of Obama Wednesday evening, Bill Clinton was giving off disturbing vibes – notably a weird suggestion that even if a candidate stands for everything you are for, he might not be able to deliver. Who was he talking about? He certainly wasn’t talking about McCain.


I started to write this blog with my laptop as I was waiting for Mr. Clinton to appear on the TV screen and this is how it went:

Just sitting in front of the TV waiting for Bill Clinton to speak at the Democratic National Convention in Denver and wondering will he behave and urge everyone without qualification to get out and vote for Barack Obama and not allude to some hypothetical where you have someone who agrees with you but may not be able to get the job done.

He’s being introduced now.

Yes, I guess this is an historical occasion what with the first black American, Obama, now having been nominated to be a candidate for president. Ironically, the Clintons wanted to reclaim the White House for themselves and have always campaigned with civil rights being in the forefront and wouldn’t you know it, their dream came true and turned out to be a nightmare. A black man stood in the way of them re-entering the White House.

Now Clinton begins to speak….

The requisite standing O.

I joke to my wife that he might say “ah sit down and let me get on with it,” and he does, “please stop,” he says several times (he doth protest too much).

“I’m here first to support Barack Obama, secondly… I’m here to warm up the crowd for Joe Biden.”

He says that wife Hillary is doing everything she can to elect Obama and “that makes two of us, actually that makes 18 million of us,” he goes on to say, alluding to her primary votes and the need for those votes to be converted to Obama votes.

And now back to now after the speech. Clinton noted that the argument Obama is too inexperienced reminded him of the inexperienced argument used against him, Clinton, when he first ran. He of course served two terms. And I remember myself that in 1960 both Kennedy and Nixon were said to be “too young” to be running for president.

One line I liked was when Clinton said America should lead “by the power of our example rather than the example of our power.”

Hillary the night before did not lay out a resume of experience for Obama and Mr. Clinton Wednesday night did not stress Obama’s resume either (actually he doesn’t have much of a resume), but he did say that Obama has a certain inspirational power. And Mrs. Clinton seemed to be saying it was not as important to elect the candidate you wanted as the party you wanted.

The former president said something to the effect that his own experience tells him “Barack Obama is the man for the job.”

So, anyway, the Clintons came through for Obama.

The pressure is on Obama to reciprocate by coming through not for the Clintons, but for the Democratic Party.

That first speech he gave at the Democratic convention years ago put him on the road to where he is today. His acceptance speech now may well decide if he sits in the oval office come the new year.

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