Why so few comments on my blogs? I ask…

(Copyright 2009)

This post is aimed more at fellow bloggers than anyone else.

What does it mean when I post day after day but get few comments and when I do they are often not responsive to my blog or worse yet have a not so well hidden agenda?

I’m not referring to the obvious spam I get; thanks to my WordPress support I am able to simply delete all of that.


2 Responses to Why so few comments on my blogs? I ask…

  1. Michael says:

    I think we both have writing styles that are not conducive to comment collecting. Posts are informative but not comment soliciting in nature. If people agree they press on, if they don’t they find another blog to read.

    I don’t know that it matters, but the first line I read was the copyright notice. I think that is a given, or at least should take a back seat to your message?

    My 2 cents at any rate.

  2. Tony Walther says:

    Thanks for your constructive comment, and I am going to re-think that copyright thing.

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