Oakland, other urban areas need martial law…


NOW ON SUNDAY THE DEATH TOLL FROM SATURDAY’S INCIDENTS IN OAKLAND, CA. IS FOUR POLICE OFFICERS  DEAD. But also, in an even more recent update, police officials are now saying that while the fourth officer has been declared brain dead, he is still on life support.

Back to my original post:

Make no mistake, Oakland, Ca. is a dangerous place to be.

It is especially a dangerous place to be a police officer.

Three police officers were killed Saturday and a third gravely wounded (update: he has now been declared brain dead) after two motorcycle officers made a traffic stop.

There are few details as to motive and so on as of this writing.

I feel terrible for the policemen and their families.

I also feel bad for law abiding citizens who must live in constant terror in Oakland and much of the East Bay (and in so many urban areas). I suppose many of them are numb to it all after all these years.

I know the lawlessness in Oakland goes back to at least the 1960s (and I guess before).

Much of it is the result of lingering racial strife ( so much of it is black on black) and the drug trade.

A lot of high minded people, to include former Gov. Of California and former Mayor of Oakland Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown have failed to do much about it.

There have been so many times during my life where I have felt that in Oakland, Richmond (another nearby deadly community) and parts of LA and so many urban areas the only solution is martial law.

Of course that by most people is seen as a kind of hard right wing extremism – and I am not hard right wing, believe me.

But what is the alternative? The law abiding citizens have to live with constant fear and intimidation. And I am not talking race here. I am talking security for civilized humanity.

Why do the civilized have to bend to the ways of the uncivilized?

Again my sympathies to the families of the slain and wounded officers.

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