We tortured but few seem to really care…

So it’s official. We already knew our government was involved in torture. Some folks, perhaps the majority of folks, did not seem to care. After all they were just torturing r.. heads who were Islamic extremists hell bent on destroying us.

In the minds of many, even though torture is by definition morally wrong, two wrongs make a right because we are on the right side and the supposed benefits of torture accrue to us.

In reality there is no solid proof that torture produces any positive results. If you torture me I am liable to say anything to make you stop – but it will not necessarily be the truth.

And does it occur to anyone who supports torture of evildoers (convicted or not) that torture is morally wrong, even if it might be for the cause of saving others?

More importantly, perhaps, the fact that our government is now known to torture or to have tortured means that we now have no legal or moral grounds on which to object to torture done on our own people by others.

Also, the torture we have done is connected to wars and to war crimes. We hanged Japanese and Germans for war crimes. On what authority?

Might our own leaders be subject to whatever authority we used against war criminals?

And here is the most baffling of all to me: where is the outcry from our churches?

I would think the clergy from the various churches would be the first to decry the moral outrage of human torture. But for the most part they are strangely silent.

Maybe that is why that although I believe in God or at least a higher power, I do not attend church. I believe. I don’t need to make a show of it. I may believe more than some who do.

Perhaps I watched too many war movies as a child. I always thought those dirty Japs and Krauts were the immoral ones who tortured and that we were on the side of goodness and right and that we treated prisoners humanely.

Again, where was the outcry from our moral leaders?

I’m waiting. I’m listening. I don’t hear anything!

One Response to We tortured but few seem to really care…

  1. jonolan says:

    Yes, we “tortured” some very evil people in order to get information out of them. Sometimes it worked; sometimes it didn’t. So what?

    Firstly, with the exception of waterboarding, little that we did was actually torture. No real harm was done.

    Let’s review some of what Leftists in their hatred of America and love for terrorists described as torture:

    — Solitary confinement
    — Cells too hot or too cold
    — repetitive meal selections (!?!)
    — sleep deprivation
    — sleep cycle disruption (changing clocks)
    — keeping a cell dark
    — not turning the light out in the cell
    — verbal abuse

    When we speak of torture, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page and reading from the same (mis)definition.

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