Palin might be packaged yet to lead Republicans, such things have happened before (Reagan, George W.)

Lord I wish the Republicans could get their act together. I would hate to think that they would be stuck with Sarah Palin.

She’s kind of an anti-elite, anti know anything pretend populist and super opportunist who wound up in the big spotlight in a quirk of fate and she just won’t go away. If only she had something to offer.

By the time anyone reads this probably she will have already attended a big Republican fund-raiser, wherever it was supposed to be. She kept everyone guessing whether she would speak, but last I heard she opted to just attend and let Newt Gingrich do the talking. But she’ll more than likely be taking furious notes or her speech writer will, since she plagiarizes from his works.

I read a partial transcript of a interview she did on FOX anything-but-fair-and-balanced news and it is plain to see why she would not be able to come up with her own speeches for an educated audience, but you’d think she could get a decent speech writer.

But I do think the Republicans have a big chance in the next congressional elections and the next four years at the White House after president Obama’s first tour (as of now anyway).

Just like the Democrats took back the congress, partly because of dissatisfaction with war policy, and the White House, in a referendum on the collapse of the economy, in the just-concluded elections in Europe and Great Britain, the left-leaning/socialist parties I understand took a drubbing at the hands of conservatives, over the world economic disaster.

Populations are not tied so hard to parties or dogma or ideologies as those who make a profession of the whole thing, so they are always ready to vote most any way out of desperation.

I saw on the cable news that Mike Huckabee is running first, and Palin is tied with Mitt Romney for second in the polls for who Republican voters might prefer for their next presidential candidate.

As much as I hate to face this fact, if Palin could be packaged right (and some Bubbas think she is packaged right), and if she could be trained to speak with just a tad more polish (not too much — don’t want to completely lose that red neck girl charm), and if she can be kept protected in controlled settings, and if people dislike the other side so much they don’t care anyway, she just might have a chance at the big enchilada.

From what I have gathered, Ronald Reagan was not big in the knowledge department, but he was an excellent actor (despite his B-roles) who spent years looking for the right role and finally found it (and I am not saying he did not mean well and did not do some good. But he was a Democrat and a union activist – actor’s guild– and then turned hard right Republican for campaigning and maybe right of center for governing. And he was always packaged well with handlers who gave him little room for error, although it occasionally did happen.

George W. Bush was (is) as far as I can tell ignorant and proud of it, but he belonged to a family who had cultivated its influence – made a business out of it. And for some reason large enough members of the electorate at the time were turned off enough by Democratic candidates that they did not care how their boy sounded or what he did.

Although I personally did not care for Mitt Romney, I was surprised that he was not the Republican candidate last time (I think the Mormon thing held him back). He has that make-money, all business reputation that might play especially well if the economy stays in the tank, plus that all-American righteous smirk (that can work both ways, but might work for him next time around).

Barack Obama has only had a hundred days and a month or so and in that time he has done fairly well, but the economy is a stubborn problem that will likely dog him and might well give the Republicans a good chance to get congress and even the White House back.

(Naturally if the economy were to come back gang busters in the meantime, all bets are off, but what are the chances of that happening?)

At this very time, it looks like North Korea could be a wild card that changes everyone’s game plan. But just as likely trouble will arise somewhere else totally unexpected to change the course of events for everyone.

But all things being equal, I’m thinking as much in disarray as the Republicans are right now, time is definitely on their side.

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