Obama was on the ropes, but comes out swinging; can he come back for real???

Obama has been on the ropes of late, but as I listened (listen. Actually writing this as he speaks), he seems to have come out swinging with some good jabs at the Republicans, some conciliatory remarks, and some self-deprecation in his first state of the union speech.

It occurs to me what President Obama may need is a better team in the congress that will work with him. He may need more able and appealing leaders there than Pelosi/Reid.

He also needs to use the bully pulpit of the presidency to go directly to the people over the heads of congress.

I read a blog the other day in the Daily Kos that likened Obama to something directors call the “audition monster”. At the audition he wows everyone, but in rehearsals, when they really get to work, he falls apart. I’m still giving Obama a chance.


Just said he would work to end law that kicks gays out of the military and called for equal pay of an equal day’s work for women. Liberal causes both. But even though the United States is, I believe, middle of the road, we are capable of embracing ideas from the left when they seem correct (and ideas from the far right when we get upset). How many Republicans refuse to accept their Social Security or Medicare?


He took a swipe at the Supreme Court for tearing down precedent and opening the flood gates of corporate money into campaigns virtually free of regulation.

And he criticized lobbyists and promised to ride herd on them. But what politician can ignore the power of money? Citizens may like or dislike their congressman, but most do not send money for re-election, but they apparently do respond to the propaganda that lobbyist money can buy.

He admitted pushing universal health care was not the best political strategy, but he vowed to fight on because it is right and he challenged his opposition to come up with a better plan.

He also made reference to outlawing torture and not succumbing to the argument that we as a people have to give up our morals to protect ourselves. I personally am 100 percent against torture, but am often surprised that so many people I hear are not.

And do I believe everything I hear from Mr. Obama? No. He claimed that his administration has saved thousands of homeowners from losing their homes. Don’t know. But on a personal level I know there was no government help for my wife and I.

But everyone has their own circumstances and there are always various factors and variables.

He vowed to create more jobs ————– what has he been waiting for? And can government really create jobs or does it just hand out some boondoggle money from time to time that goes into the hands of the precious few? I know back in the 70s, I think it was the California state government that created good paying jobs in government. But we may have not needed all the extra bureaucrats, and the revenue needed to pay them comes out of the taxes of private individuals who have to compete with the government in the job sector.

Obama touched on a lot of things in his State of the Union address and I commented or made reference to only a few.

An after the speech a commentator said people want help and do not care for witnessing or constantly hearing about the process. I agree.

Action speaks louder than words.

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