Obama keeps up the fight, Haiti help, don’t help those who don’t want it, eliminating forest jobs doesn’t win friends …

Not finding nearly as much time to blog nor keep up on the politics and current events I like to use for the material for those blogs as I thought I would have, but I feel compelled to blog away nonetheless.

President Obama mixed it up with some Republican leaders in Washington a day or so after his state of the union speech and even though the Republicans invited him for a chat, one report seemed to indicate they may have been sorry they did. He took their insults and gave right back to them, ever so politely. It’s one thing to let the loud mouths on hate radio rant and rave and quite another to say it to his face. He seems to be able to face his accusers quite well. And I do not claim he is always correct, but he comes across as reasonable and willing to listen (but also willing to defend himself).

— Saw a report on TV that told of looting in Haiti but also showed grateful citizens accepting help from American soldiers and praising the good old USA (you’re welcome, glad we could help).

—  My local newspaper tells me that the California State Senate has approved a single-payer health plan for citizens and north state politicians are outraged. You see the Democrats run the show but up here in my neck of the woods the Republicans reign and have convinced folks that the “giverment is the enemy”; it does not help anyone. Then are they not part of the government? They (the Republicans in government) must be the enemy too. Pardon me for not keeping up on my own state’s politics, but this was the first I ever heard the state senate was working on a single-payer plan. I understand that even if the legislation were to pass the other house (the Assembly) and get past the Republican governor’s promised veto, a single-payer system would still be some time coming.

What Democrats and others who support something to help those in need are finding is that among the population that might be hurt the worst by the whole medical insurance cost situation are some of the strongest opponents of anything to help them. Those who try to figure out such political paradoxes suggest that one of the explanations may be that folks do not like others (politicians) telling them what is best for them. I would suggest that maybe some of the politicians are just trying too hard. If people don’t want help, don’t offer it.

But, meanwhile, the Republicans have had great success in pushing the anti-government theme and then turning around and using government to line the pockets of their cronies.

— Also in my local newspaper I read that an out-of-state environmental group is suing to stop timber clear-cutting plans by a major logging company in Northern California. This is not likely to win the environmental movement friends among those who depend upon the timber industry (and this goes way beyond the forest) for their livelihoods. And what kind of houses do the environmentalists live in (made of wood?)? While I am not sure the practice of clear cutting can be explained as a good thing, I would think that some type of compromise could be worked out. But lawsuits that shut down good paying jobs do not seem to me to be the right approach. And why do we shut down our own forests to logging and then import lumber from Australia? Is that environmentally sound? I don’t think so.

That’s all for now. I’ll read and write more later.

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