U.S. should back off a little and become more neutral in Israel-Palestinian issue…


Sure after World War II and the Holocaust everyone felt sorry for the Jews — and rightfully so — and the U.S. supported the creation of a new Jewish state in their ancient biblical homeland — never mind there were Arabs already living there, to include Christians and Muslims. For their part, supporters of the Jewish state had engaged in acts of terrorism to get their way.

And to be fair, they have suffered from terrorism against themselves ever since.

But the Jewish state of Israel has been around about the same time as I have, some 60 years or so.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian issue, what to do with or for all those displaced Palestinians, from what was called Palestine, and their descendants has never been completely resolved.

Other Arab states have given much lip service to their concern for the displaced and put upon Palestinians, but have done little for them. Really it is just a convenient issue to use against the West for political purposes in their own homelands and for blackmail against the West, particularly the U.S.

But the United States’ unwavering support for Israel, even as they continue to push the Palestinians around, making new settlements in their lands right up to the present, has caused it one heck of a lot of trouble. It gives tremendous ammunition to the likes of Al Qaeda and other groups who like to use hatred of the big bad U.S. and the Jews to whip up political support in the name of Islam or Arab culture or whatever.

While the modern state of Israel may have been the home of God’s original chosen people, a lot of things have happened since that time. The tribes of Israel have spread out all over the world and have managed to irk whomever they lived among. They are survivors for sure. Jews have been discriminated against so much that they as a people have had to become quite clever.

In Germany at one time they were barred from the normal trades, so they became adept in money changing and forms business — at least that is the way I heard or read it.

And the modern state of Israel is a force to be reckoned with. The Arab states have tried to attack it more than once and all they got for it was lost territory.

Years ago when some Jewish hostages where taken down in Africa, the Jewish military made a daring raid and rescued them. Contrast that to the U.S.’s bungled attempt to rescue its hostages in Iran (mishaps do happen) under the Carter administration.

And Israel did not sit around and wring its hands when it looked like Iraq’s Saddam Hussein might be working on becoming a nuclear power, it bombed his reactor. And more recently they made a raid in Syria, allegedly to nip a nuclear program in the bud. And no doubt they have contingency plans to do the same to Iran.

While on the one hand we have to be proud of the way Israel seems to be able to take care of itself, the fact is it could not be so cocky without the backup of the U.S. and its pledge to stand by it.

As long as the non-Jewish world in the Middle East sees this one-sided approach there will be no peace there and the U.S. will always face trouble there.

The Middle East is from where much of our precious oil supply comes from and it is an important trade route and center, as well as the home of the world‘s three major religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Israel with its major lobby which showers millions of dollars on U.S. lawmakers year after year has managed to buy the unflinching support of the U.S. lo these many decades.

Maybe the new Jewish state should have been created somewhere else, like out in the middle of the southwestern desert of the U.S. or in the Catskills of New York (just kidding on that one), but what was done was done.

Modern Israel is a fact of life and it seems quite capable of supporting and defending itself, although it needs the backup of the U.S.

While the U.S. will probably always feel that it has to come to the defense of Israel if need be, it should let Israel know that it is really up to that nation to make peace with its neighbors.

From what I understand, the Jewish government is or plans to allow more Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem in an area of disputed claim between Israel and the Palestinians.

Right now there is no actual separate Palestinian state, but instead something called the Palestinian Authority. But the Palestinians would like to make part of Jerusalem their capital. At the same time, from what I have read, the hard-line Jews say no way to giving up any of their sacred city.

Well there needs to be a compromise and the Israeli government needs to be told once and for all that it needs to get things settled or the U.S. may not be there for them one day.

The U.S. has enough trouble taking care of its own internal affairs.


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