Obama starts to look like a leader…

This Obama guy might know what he is doing after all.

With the passage of his health care bill and now his announcement that he is making 15 so-called “recess appointments” to his cabinet, thus making an end-run around Republicans who have held up his nominations, Mr. Obama is flexing his muscle.

And really, no matter what one’s political party affiliation or ideology, I think most Americans want a strong president — a leader. Not a dictator, mind you, but someone who knows what he (so far it’s always been he) wants to do and goes about doing it.

Milk toast, hand wringing, and hiding in the Rose Garden (Jimmy Carterish) won’t do.

Mindless bravado, ala George W., can be hazardous, but I think he did show healthy leadership skills in some areas — just can’t name them at this time.

Obama seems to have played the sly game of asking and asking for input from the opposition — even if they claim he really did not listen — and getting none, pressed on and slipped his bill through while the opposition stayed too focused on opposition without alternatives and without really making a case beyond sound bites.

Of course what the more militant opposition has done is stir up the crazies who are threatening and even perpetrating violence.

While I can see some justifiable anger from some plain spoken, hard working, and fairly conservative Americans to a liberal elite, I would think that most realize that the trick is to get your guy (or gal) in the next time and give it right back.

What we could do without are the mindless Archie Bunker types with their bigotry and lack of anything meaningful to offer in the realm of public policy.

And any politician, be he or she a liberal inciting left-wing mobs (have not seen too many of them) or a so-called conservative, inciting storm trooper-like mobs, is doing something that is reprehensible and should be voted out of office.

Democracy and mob rule cannot co-exist.

ADD 1:

And talk about inciting violence: Sarah Palin used a gun culture metaphor by posting a map on her Facebook page showing who she judges to be political foes in the crosshairs of a gunsight and sent a tweet that read: “Don’t retreat, instead — reload!” (all that according to AP news stories I read). Now she can pretend it’s just a play on words to make a point, but it sounds like deadly intimidation to me. And all politicians who fail to condemn actual violence or the suggestion of violence are guilty of a terrible crime themselves. Palin has the luxuary of being out of office so she does not have to face political retribution for her actions and words or even responsibilty, as far as she sees it, I suppose.

ADD 2:

Republicans have a specious argument when they claim President Obama is violating the rule of checks and balances by making recess appointments, seeing as how their man Bush W. did the same, and his predessessor, Democrat Bill Clinton did too. And making cabinet appointments without confirmation from the Senate is constitutional when that body is in recess.


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