The crazies are scary, but I think they may have always been with us…

Not much time to blog, but I feel compelled to comment on all the crazies coming out of the woodwork and threatening primarily those who supported the recent health care reform law, and primarily Democrats.

Part of this is technology — the internet, 24-hour news by the minute. Things that would not have made the news years ago make it today. In other words there always have been crazies — they just did not always make the news.

Also, I have mentioned this before and I was forwarded a story from the New York Times that says some of the anti-health care rhetoric is really a cover for racism.

The downtrodden white supremacists and male chauvinist pig holdouts are mad. Their world is falling apart.

And don’t get me wrong — I’m not one who wants to throw out all old ways and completely change society. I try to think progressive while holding on to the middle of the road somewhat.

But I know racists and women haters when I hear them. I used to listen to the CB radio out on the road — yes I’ve heard it all.

But even if there always have been crazies, it is kind of troublesome and downright scary at times.

And again, politicians and other public figures who condone all the crazy talk or give tacit approval or even stoke the fires are just as bad or worse than the crazies — they should know better.

What would the far right crazies say if they were being physically threatened? They would say “the commies are attacking us”. But right now it seems as if some form of neo-Nazis are attacking or threatening.


And maybe I’ve understated the threat of the crazies, since history shows it only takes one crazy to change the course of history. And often these crazies take in all the vitriol and think to themselves, “gee wouldn’t I be noticed if I actually went beyond words and took action”. Again, I wish that those who would consider themselves responsible public figures would not pander to the extremists — they are playing with dynamite!


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