Possible Pakistan connection in failed car bomb case; could our relative trend of safety be broken?

And the plot thickens in the New York Times Square car bombing case. I was just getting ready to go to bed and heard a news flash that an arrest had been made.

What I heard was that a man described as a naturalized U.S. citizen (reportedly within the past year) originally from Pakistan was arrested at JFK Airport as he was attempting to fly back to Pakistan — okay, now they say he was headed to Dubai.

(And now someone said that he may have been going to Pakistan via Dubai.)

Reports were also indicating that others may have been involved.

There seems to be or have been differing views as to whether this case has links to international terrorism or whether it is a case of a domestic lone wolf. It seems there may be some type of Pakistani connection (at least to the extent the arrested man is reportedly from Pakistan).

Strangely, it seems there are indications that although the failed car bomb attempt had the potential for much damage and loss of life, there are also indications that whoever put the thing together did not do it right or even use the right materials (there is some question about all that, though).

At any rate, I have always been surprised that we have not had more acts of  terrorism within our borders, 9/11 and Timothy McVeigh‘s Oklahoma City bombing, and Ft. Hood, and maybe some other incidents, notwithstanding.

It may be now that our relative safe trend, as compared to the rest of the world, has been broken.

I think I heard on one report this evening that the first car bomb was set off in the U.S. in New York City in the 1920s. Back in the earlier part of the 20th Century we used to have folks called “anarchists”.

But for some reason, again the big ones, 9/11 and Oklahoma City, Ft. Hood, notwithstanding, we have been spared from so much of the terrorism other nations seem to suffer.

The fact big cities have so many surveillance cameras, public and private, is helping with security and investigations. In this case, an observant street vendor helped thwart the attempt. Surveillance video may or may not have given police a lead and may help them in their investigation (but it apparently does not prevent terrorist acts).

Apparently the police got their break by retracing the plates of the car and finding out about the sale of the car done unofficially in Connecticut.

With instant news and the internet, the crazies have more to excite them and cause them to do things like acts of terrorism.

Also, international terrorists may be at work and they may be taking advantage of the ever-present supply of crazies — I have no idea, really.

But with the concern of late over illegal aliens (which really may have nothing to do with this case or the threat of terrorism in general) and the ongoing threat of terror from groups such as Al Qaeda and the like, and the fact that such a threat has been brought closer to home (whether the New York case is really part of that), there is going to be pressure to increase the powers of law enforcement.

We will have to do what we have to do, but the terrorist acts in the U.S. so far do not have their origins in Mexico. And by saying that I do not mean that we should not control illegal immigration from there. But what occurs to me that other than vigilance, such as that by the street vendor, and the ongoing investigations being done by our law enforcement on terror threats, there’s not much more we can do at this time.

I would hope it never gets to the point where we are forced to move to a police state, because you can hardly save your freedom by removing it.


From what I am hearing it still seems the evidence points to the notion that whoever was responsible for the failed car bomb attempt was an amateur. And that would seem to indicate that it was not the work of an organized terror group (although such is not necessarily so). That is little comfort, really.

P.s. P.s.

One commentator said there has been a long list of plots against the U.S. hatched in Pakistan. Pakistan is supposed to be our ally, but it seems to be a sanctuary for terrorists, the commentator said.


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