Political ad makes Supreme Court out as more of a second legislature than a court …

Maybe this isn’t a first, but it’s new to me and it’s disturbing to me if it is a new political trend. During the commercial break on the evening national news I saw a political ad for the nomination of Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Well if high court hopefuls or their special interest supporters feel it is worth it and right to treat appointments to this ultimate arbiter of the law of the land as just another political contest, then it seems as if the Supreme Court must be a political and a quasi legislative body — you get enough of your guys and gals on there and they can make the law read the way you want it. While we know politics plays a role on the high court, what with the president nominating justices and a Senate confirmation necessary, the accepted position was that an ability to correctly analyze constitutional questions and questions of law with the rights of all parties involved taken into consideration with the ultimate goal of coming down with fair and just decisions was the goal of selecting a high court justice (with politics right in back of that, of course).

But the high court has become a second national legislature, a disturbing tend indeed.



I already have no use for political ads. To me they are useless, or actually, more accurately, they are useless on me. In fact, If I was going to vote for a candidate, the typical political ad would more than likely make me question whether I wanted to vote for him (or her) or not. I would rather make my decision based on an objective look at the candidate’s record rather than one-sided propaganda, whether from the candidate’s side or the opposition. I might almost feel compelled to vote against my preferred candidate over the insult I feel when I hear one of those idiot one-sided and misleading ads.


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