Oil in the Gulf — “accidents happen”, president should not be so tough on BP, Rand Paul says (I told you those libertarians have a different way of looking at things)

Sometimes I’m more accurate than I even realize. I blogged earlier this week that libertarians are often eccentric or just outright nut cases (even though their message of limited government and personal freedom can be compelling at times).

So now we find that Rand Paul, the Republican, but libertarian in background and an identified tea party favorite candidate for the U.S. Senate from Kentucky thinks private businesses should be able to discriminate although he claims to support the 1964 Civil Rights Act (I know it makes no sense).

(Since there is no official tea party stance on anything I don’t know what tea baggers think of civil rights.)

And now Rand Paul says he thinks President Obama is being too hard on BP and “un-American” in  criticizing it over its Gulf oil disaster (uncontrolled leak from its underwater well) that is wreaking economic and ecological havoc. “Accidents happen” is how he put it. And he complained that Obama is being unfriendly to business and there is too much regulation already.

My answer would be, yes Mr. Paul, accidents do happen, that’s why we need stringent safety regulations and government oversight (the fox does not make the best guard for the hen house).

The best the Democrats could ever hope for is that the Republicans go tea party and libertarian.

When Republican party officials are asked about what went wrong after Paul loses to his Democratic opponent they might just say: “accidents happen”.


If you want to get a good handle on Paul’s libertarian type views on things I suggest reading the Bob Cesca blog currently posted within the Huffington Post, or better yet, just watch the various video clips or the interviews he does on the various shows.

I try to give people like him the benefit of the doubt. But he seems to be like those people you get into a serious conversation with only to realize somewhere along the line that they are either quite ignorant or have a screw loose.


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