YouTube helps me make a decision in local election…

My wife and I cast our absentee ballots today for the June 8 California primary, which included some local races. Some of the people were unopposed and one of them faced a perennial candidate who runs for just about every local office that comes up for election. I’ve read some of his letters to the editor — I think he has some type of grudge.

But the hottest race in our community is the one for DA. The incumbent has apparently stepped on some toes and had managed to rile a lot of folks. The local newspaper called him petty, saying that, for instance, he got all bent out of shape for having to remove his shoes when entering the courthouse for the security check (like everyone else does — I guess).

I really don’t know much about his record. I do know that I along with a lot of others disagreed with his decision to prosecute a teenager whose friend died of drinking too much alcohol at a party. He charged the dead girl’s friend with some criminal complaint, the specific charges I don’t recall, but, anyway, something about allowing her to drink too much or not contacting someone. The case was thrown out of court. Personally, I felt the parents who allowed the teens to conduct a party in their house and who apparently were not there themselves should have certainly been open to liability (and they are now being sued in civil court) and maybe even criminal charges (supplying alcohol to a minor?).

But the DA’s opponent is an old man who should be retired. And by his own admission was planning to retire. He’s in private practice but was DA at one time. According to the newspaper, he said he was really planning on retirement and not going back into local politics but his friends persuaded him. I’m sure the thought of some extra retirement money thanks to the taxpayers helped him make up his mind.

Well through the wonders of the internet, I found a YouTube of him (the former DA), and he did not impress me. Even the newspaper, which gave him a kind of conditional or lukewarm endorsement, could not think of anything really to recommend him other than he was not the current DA.

All the lawyers in town are recommending the old guy former DA. That in and of itself should be a clue.

I voted for the beleaguered incumbent, who is middle aged, not retirement age. And I’m not against old guys. I’m 60 myself.


By the way, I believe that YouTube post that helped me decide to vote against the challenger was put up by him or his friends. Probably the best campaign ad the incumbent could have ever had, thanks to his challenger.


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