Instead of the Jews moving out of Israel as Helen Thomas suggested, why not move Israel?

Couldn’t we just move Israel to Arizona or New Mexico or Nevada, or why not Utah? The Mormons would love that.

I know Helen Thomas lost her job over negative remarks she made about Israel, saying that the Jews should go back to Germany and Poland or go to the U.S. I think maybe she had one too many cocktails or maybe the Alzheimer’s or some form of dementia was kicking in.  And at 89, it was probably time for her to retire from the White House press corps anyway.


ADD 1: And then again, maybe she was just saying what was on her mind — tell us how you really feel Helen. Ironically, even reporters these days can get caught off guard when they might think they are having a private or casual conversation. 


But really, it seems as though it may have been a major mistake to re-establish a homeland for the chosen people after all, especially since they lost it a long time ago and other people established themselves there in the meantime.

Now I don’t buy the idea that everything done in the name of displaced Palestinians is done for legitimate reasons anymore than I believe that everything the Israelis do is virtuous.

But modern-day Israel depended upon the good will of the west for its establishment and depends most notably on the United States for its continuing existence.

The existence of the Jewish state surrounded by predominantly Muslim states who make no secret they’d just as soon see Israel go poof in a cloud of dust has given Arabs and Persians and Turks and terrorists way too much propaganda and excuse to incite the masses for their own ends.

So what if Israel was moved? Then what would that rabble have to complain about?


ADD 2: Was Helen just being ironic or sarcastic? I think it was something like Jewish recognition day or something when she made her remarks to a questioner. Some people just don’t understand sarcasm.


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