The general pulls a MacArthur, but it could do some good after all…

Just as I suspected, we don’t know what we are doing in Afghanistan and the whole war effort is in disarray, with the top general there in rebellion against the U.S. Constitutional civilian authority over the U.S. military. Gen. Stanley McChrystal has pulled a MacArthur and gone over the president’s head. And by the time most read this blog he will have no doubt been history, as well as he should, bad history at that.

Now if he’d been a general that really wanted to fight a war, such as MacArthur, I might feel a little bad, but from what I understand he was more into creating complicated rules of engagement for his troops, as if they needed any more problems.

I tried to do a quick read of the Rolling Stone article that has got McChrystal into so much trouble but couldn’t make a go of it, as it was late in the day for me — I having driven some 11 hours today, which is yesterday now, according to my blog date, but I’ve been hearing about it all day. Unfortunately most of the interpretation of it was coming from right wing nut radio. And the callers seemed to be torn between being upset with the general for breaking the chain of command, but being glad he dissed Obama.

And so it goes.

And maybe if all this prompts new thinking on our hopeless cause in Afghanistan, it will be a good thing.

I’ll try to have something a little more insightful to blog later.


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