Some want to kill the messenger in the McChrystal affair

Some of the hard core never criticize war or generals or the good old USA crowd have actually called for the killing (figuratively) of the messenger. They blame the reporter that wrote the story for Rolling Stone Magazine that led to the canning of Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

About the only thing I would say about that is that I don’t want their ilk deciding what I read or where my news comes from. Sure a lot of stuff you read is trash (this blog excepted, I would hope), but that is for the individual reader to decide.

A lot of the uber right wing let’s fight war at the drop of a hat crowd think the role of journalists is to put on those old time Movie Tune newsreels where everything is victory and happiness — if that it were so.

I will also say, though, that I heard the author of that article himself, one Michael Hastings, on an NPR interview and he, if I heard him correctly, indicated that some of the quotes he got were from slightly inebriated McChrystal staffers, and McChrystal himself seemed to indicate agreement with them, Hastings said (I didn’t catch whether he said the general himself was tipsy). And didn’t they know loose lips sink ships — or the general?

One critic suggested you don’t go write a story about warriors’ barroom bragging or trash talking. Well, these were no regular soldiers. But I do think that there is a difficult to see fine line for journalists. It’s a judgment thing. But I would rather the journalists do the judging — not the happy talk only censors.

Anyway, no one is claiming misquotations yet, not even McChrystal.

And he’s gone. We have Gen. David Petraeus taking over, the guy who was given credit for some success in Iraq and who has now technically taken a demotion of sorts since he was the overall commander of what is called Central Command.

Where’s Ike, or Patton, or George Marshall, or U.S. Grant, when we need them? gone to the grave yard every one.

I think the military experts wished we would all understand that there will be no World War II like victory in Afghanistan. It’s a different kind of war — just like all these conflicts we have had since the big one.

No, war is war. One side wins and one side loses, either outright or by default because it eventually quits — or it all just goes on forever.

And I still have not been able to read the story. I feel ashamed to even comment on it — but I am not commenting on it directly, just the events surrounding it.

Next step will be for me to read it. If only I didn’t have to work. But I will — read the story that is.


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