Maddow doing a good job on Afghanistan war reporting…

WordPress keeps me informed about how many people click onto my blog. I notice that I usually do not get many clicks when I write about war. I continue to think most Americans have conveniently blocked the whole thing out of their minds.

At any rate, I posted another one of my position on our Afghanistan war statements in my just previous blog. I did this before I watched yesterday’s Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC. Her show did not change my mind, and I don’t think it was meant to. She is a super liberal and anti-war, but she is now reporting from the war scene and is trying to understand the whole thing, dubious as she is. She even got the second in command over there to admit that although there is a chance things could work out, it is only a chance.

I was extremely impressed by her reporting. I recall Katie Couric being led around Iraq on a dog and pony show. It was pathetic — and I usually like Couric — and she did do a hell of a job on Sarah Palin, although when I look back I think she did not need to be so condescending — Palin does a good enough job of  showing off what she is not (intelligent and sincere) without any help.

Maddow indicated she has bought into the idea that our withdrawal deadline is meant to show the Afghans that their time to utilize our help in creating a real democracy as opposed to an oppressive Islamic state with Taliban terrorism is limited. While I know that is part of the idea, I still think it only shows our enemies that we are trying to find a way to quit.

Maddow is going to air more from Afghanistan and I would encourage any one to watch.

I find is strange we see so little on-the-ground reporting from Afghanistan. But apparently it does not draw enough viewers for our commercial news (give the masses of asses what they want, not what they need to know).

I’ll be blogging about the latest in the Feds vs. Arizona in the ongoing debate and now legal action over Arizona’s new tough immigration law.

I’ll say this right now — I thought the idea that the states or a state could act like its own separate nation went out with the Civil War.


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