21st Century version of Pentagon Papers paints a devastating picture of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan…

Is the handwriting now on the wall? Could we now be seeing the beginning of the end of our war in Afghanistan?

I’ve only read the headlines so far, such as the one in the Huffington Post: ‘ A devastating portrait of the failing war in Afghanistan’, and read a few lines into the stories in the among other places, The New York and the LA Times and Washington Post — all from some 92,000 leaked and classified documents published in the online Wikileaks, but it seems like we now have the 21st Century equivalent of the Pentagon Papers (also top secret government documents) that helped turn the tide of public opinion against our involvement in the Vietnam War.

I know, the my country right or wrong and always support war crowd will call it treason, but I call it public disclosure to a citizenry who has a right to know the truth about the war it is obligated to support (at least via taxes) whether it wants to or not.

The reports are only raw intelligence we are warned, and I am sure they are open to wide interpretation, but they also seem to indicate what we have been led to believe already might well be the case — our nominal ally Pakistan may be supporting our enemies and civilian casualties are higher than our own government has admitted to.

Oh there was a cry of treason from the Vietnam War hawks way back when, but the majority of the American public thought the real issue was that it had been systematically lied to about the war and when not lied to directly, deprived of information that was not secret to the enemy but secret to the American public.

And I can only surmise that may well be the case this time around.

Already I have been hearing hints from the right — usually doggedly for war no matter what — that it is starting to question our long drawn out quagmire in the Middle East.

It’s becoming a harder and harder sale all the time — and meanwhile if you are still paying attention, the American casualties mount week by week.


And as far as I see it, it is not treason as long as you are not disclosing battle plans and troop movements before or during the fact.

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