Iraq war is over until in flares up again and is it a law that the president must be Christian?

George W. Bush put his foot in his mouth by declaring the Iraq War was over when in truth it was just beginning.

Now President Barack Obama, who said it was the wrong war and that he never supported it, has put his foot in his mouth saying the same thing — that the war is over.

Or as Keith Olbermann says “Combat operations are still over in Iraq”.

That war can be over for us (the United States) if we want it to be, but that remains to be seen. Many or at least some Iraqis I hear on TV indicate the internal struggle (helped along by outside forces) there will continue big time once we actually pull the last troops out. We still have some “non-combat troops”  in Iraq and that is an oxymoron if there ever was one — if you have ever been in the service, particularly the army, you know there is no such thing as a non-combat soldier. While not all soldiers wind up in combat, the first duty of all soldiers is to fight the enemy — there really is no other reason for an army.

Poor Obama — the left says he’s not liberal or progressive enough. The right says he is not conservative. That would seem to indicate he is somewhere in the middle. But I guess no one trusts someone who won’t go on record as being an extremist under conventional political norms.

Maybe it’s like journalism. If everyone is mad at you, you must be doing something right.

I don’t really believe the poll numbers that suggest a large percentage of people believe Obama is a Muslim — and when did belonging to a certain religion in a country that has freedom of religion become a crime anyway (yes, I guess the criticism is that he is just pretending to be Christian)?

It could be he is not an active Christian either — as I recall the first family never did pick a regular church to attend (we don’t see video or photos of him or them attending church). And don’t a large number of people either not attend church at all or not often?

John Kennedy broke the barrier against Catholics being able to be president. But so far no one has broken the unwritten law, at least in modern times, that you have to at least nominally be a Christian.

Could a Jew become president (or vice president; ask Joe Lieberman)? A Mormon (ask Mitt Romney — don’t bother Glenn Beck)? An open homosexual (don’t ask, don’t tell)?

Just some random thoughts as I prepare to go to bed and get ready to go back to my day (and night) job in the morning (today by the time most would read this).


My Sony Vaio computer running on an AT&T DSL hookup puts me on the internet instantly, if I wait several minutes before pushing the key that puts me on the internet. It does work rapidly with wi-fi, so if I hang out at Starbucks or a Best Western Motel I should have no problem. If I use that AT&T sim card I never know what will happen, except that it is not always good.


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