Another offshore oil rig explosion — nothing to worry about folks…

Today’s offshore drilling rig explosion is coming off like the last one:

Initial reports were nothing to worry about folks, everyone is okay (except one guy who had to be flown to the hospital) and there is no sign of escaping oil. Radio reports on the station I was listening to, KNX, LA, implied or at least speculated that the the well was not even in production.

Now I just read on Yahoo News and the Huffington Post that there is an oil sheen appearing and in fact the rig was in production. I believe they say it is in shallower water than the BP Deepwater Horizon, which was (is) the worst oil spill in history.

You recall that in that fiasco we were assured that everything was under control (for a few days as I recall), but it was not.


ADD 1:

At 4 P.M. PDT there seem to be conflicting reports as to whether oil is leaking or there is a sheen on the surface of the water. The fact that there was an explosion is not in dispute, apparently.


And to think, one candidate for California’s open U.S. Senate seat, the Republican challenger (whose name I don’t want to look up for spelling at the moment) is all for offshore drilling. The  rig explosions of course were in the Gulf of Mexico, but I for one do not want anything similar to happen off of the California coast or anywhere for that matter.

I am against offshore drilling, but I realize it is probably a fact of life. But certainly it requires much stricter oversight and regulation.


I guess the environmentally indifferent will just yawn and think, oh well the naturally occurring oil-eating microorganisms will take care of things.

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