Who we need is Barly Foxerina for U.S. Senator from California…

I listened to the hour-long debate between incumbent U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer of California, a Democrat, and her Republican challenger, Carly Fiorina, on Wednesday night.

I would have liked to instantly blogged about it but my truck driving work made that impossible.

From what I have heard some objective observers scored it a draw or almost and some gave the advantage to Boxer.

My initial reaction was that they were both were well prepared (albeit with talking points which are often pointless but important because of a lack of time for real discussion) and that it was basically a tie. But those who would tend to support one over the other going in would not likely be swayed by either candidate.

So I guess it’s the independents who are up for grabs. But certainly anyone identifying with the tea baggers would not vote for ultra-liberal (and proud of it) Boxer.

I do think that the idea that Fiorina is kind of a member of the exclusive corporate/Wall Street set came out and the fact that she sees business as business and does not hesitate to throw workers to the wolves or ship their jobs overseas came out as well.

The idea that Boxer is a hard-charging Democrat ready to go to bat for the people over corporate interests (whether completely accurate or not) came out also.

Boxer probably might suffer from being in office too long (going for her fourth term in the Senate) and being in it at a time of ultra economic distress that many now openly call a depression, rather than recession. Ironically the calamity began after eight years of a president from the opposite party as Boxer — A Republican and the first MBA president at that (good old W).

Boxer, a diminutive woman, also has a reputation for being, shall we say feisty? She got a lot of flack for asking an Army general to call her “Senator” instead of “mam“. I really did not think that her request was off base, so to speak. The military is big on respect for higher ups (the civilian authority constitutionally holds sway over the military). I think she thought that he may have been trying to be condescending by calling her mam. That may not have been so and she was probably guilty of using poor judgment for pushing the matter, but really much ado about nothing. She’s a senator and proud of it.

Of course you already knew this, but Fiorina is best known for her controversial tenure as CEO of Hewlett-Packard and her multi-million-dollar severance package (but hey, they all do that).

I can’t vote for Fiorina because she is for continued and I suppose more offshore drilling along the California coast and elsewhere.

I also disagree with her stand that she would like to see Roe vs. Wade repealed.

In my mind Roe vs. Wade goes beyond a woman’s right to have an abortion. To me it says that when it comes to our bodies and our personal life there are some areas that the government should not intrude upon.

I can see some independent-minded voters swayed by the notion that Fiorina with her experience in the world of big business might better be able to inject some economic sense into government, treating governmental budgeting as a corporate balance sheet. But government is not business. It is not solely an exercise in cold mathematics and profit and loss statements. Government is not meant to make a profit.

From her words, Fiorina apparently believes cutting taxes solves everything. I suppose in theory it would free up more money for investment, i.e., more dollars changing hands and hopefully more jobs.

Boxer seems to think that the rich (however one decides who belongs to that group — Fiorina implied that Boxer is actually talking about a large part of the middle class) can pay higher taxes and that the government should continue to print dollars to inject into the economy (the photos of the 1930s German Hausfrau burning worthless uber-inflated marks to keep warm comes to mind).

What we need but are not offered is a combination of Fiorina’s hard-nosed business approach and Boxer’s human compassion, and I’m not talking George W’s phony “compassionate conservatism”, but something real in that regard. Who we in California need (and the rest of you) in the U.S. Senate is Barly Foxerina.


If anyone has had experience with a Sony Vaio computer maybe you can tell me what makes the cursor jump all over the place. I know it is not just me because sometimes it happens and sometimes not.


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