Not ‘kosher’ to publicly criticize your Jewish employers, or any of your employers

While there’s really no comparison here, I hope if I was ever to get fired from my job my colleagues would not be as giddy as all the talking head media folks were to see the admittedly egocentric Rick — and did you know I speak Spanish? — Sanchez, formerly of CNN, get canned.

The schadenfreude was palpable as they discussed why he was fired and tsk tsked about how he would dare say that the media to include his then own CNN was controlled by the Jews.

Well I don’t know. But strangely even though they criticized him for saying such a thing, I did not hear anyone dispute it. In fact, one tsk tsker commented that what he said was not “kosher”.

John Stewart of the satirical Daily Show, who apparently indirectly set Sanchez off on a rant, joked that if it was true then all he would have to do is “apologize and we’ll hire him back”. I understand Stewart is Jewish — guess I was the only one who had not been aware of that.


ADD 1:

Just listened to an interview with John Stewart on PBS radio recorded I think before the Sanchez flap, and well obviously Stewart is Jewish. But you have to understand I have only occasionally listened to or viewed his show and I did not grow up in an area of the country or at least at a time when much was made of Jewishness, at least not among young people I knew, although I became aware of the whole Jewish thing as years went by. Wouldn’t the world be dull if we all looked and walked and talked and believed the same? And where would we get our comedians?


Sanchez was of course the victim of his own ego and must have had a lot of boiled up anger and frustration inside of himself. Hey, I’m not a pretty boy who thinks I am or even is part of an oppressed minority — well I am white in California and we are becoming that — but I could identify with being frustrated and breaking out into a tirade — it never works and it is so unbecoming, unless you are part of the favored power elite and hold a high position. I had a boss once who kept all the admirers in the office in awe by occasionally being reported as going into a tirade during closed-door department head meetings. Actually I guess when you are the boss you can go into a tirade and get away with it.

At the minimum anyone going public in criticizing his or her own employer is using rather poor judgment to say the least, that is if job retention is important.

My one little problem or at least curiosity about Sanchez was that as a Cuban-born but naturalized citizen he could speak Spanish and he seemed to want everyone to be aware of that. On one occasion he was interviewing people via satellite hookup or phone or something in Chile concerning the story of the trapped miners there. He made a big point that he could converse with the Chilean news reporters there in their own tongue. While that is commendable and quite useful, he seemed to make that a bigger part of the story than the trapped miners.

Personally I preferred the old-time TV reporters and anchors who were not always all that pleasing in appearance — in fact I can recall a couple of on-air reporters who by these day’s standards, or any standards, would be considered quite hard to look at — but who concentrated on the substance of the news and did a quality job in reporting it. But apparently the viewers want to be entertained and dazzled by the presenters or at least confuse all the show businesses with quality news reporting and commentary.

Really, all of this was not worth commenting on, but I couldn’t resist when I heard that guy say that Sanchez accused the media of being controlled by the Jews and then added that was not kosher.

Also an immediate reaction in all of this by me and I see by at least by one of the commentators was that Sanchez should have been flattered that he was being mocked by Stewart and glad to get all the free publicity.


I’m a truck driver, but I did work in relatively small-time newspaperdom years ago and even did a stint at a radio station (not WKRP, but like it) .


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