At least give Obamacare a chance, or should we just get sick and die?

While I was not a strong supporter of what is sometimes called “Obamacare” by its detractors, but the new federal health care law by others, for the life of me I cannot understand why the average American could be so enraged by it or want to repeal it.


ADD 1:

Now that I think about it I don’t even know what average Americans think about Obamacare — I just hear some of the rantings of the Tea Party and opportunistic Republicans.


It hasn’t even been given a chance to work yet. And the status quo was only good for those who could afford it or those who accepted free care.

I don’t even know if I am benefiting from it or will, but I do know that without some type of change most of us would be priced out of the market and millions would not be able to get insurance because millions of people have lost their jobs and their company health insurance along with it. And on that, I am not even sure that Obamacare helps.

Republicans and tea partiers would have you believe that Obamacare is bad for small businesses, whom they claim to represent or support. But I heard a spokesman for a small business group on television say that quite the contrary, that the new law actually takes some of the burden off of small business in offering health insurance, I guess by creating the insurance pools that are supposed to eventually bring costs down or hold them in check. He said that as things had stood businesses could not afford the ever-escalating costs of providing health insurance to their employees.

Personally, while I accept that it is the practice in this nation that health insurance goes along with employment (and I know that is certainly not always the case), I have never thought that was practical. In my own case I was lucky to work for a company at the time I was diagnosed with cancer that paid my health insurance premiums 100 percent (not much of that anymore). And the insurance paid a lot of the cost. But unfortunately I was out too long and lost my job — and that good insurance that went with it.

I work for a previous employer now and have company health insurance, with part of the premium paid by me. Each year the premiums go up and the benefits are adjusted downward.

But as I understand it, the new law is designed to make health care delivery more efficient and hopefully over the long run more economical.

I also understand the law is convoluted and full of compromises that have weakened what was originally hoped for by its proponents.

But a lot of those who are being convinced by others with ulterior motives that Obamacare is so terrible are the same ones who may find themselves sick and without insurance or money and will be the first in line to demand or sign up for government assistance. And they will all claim they paid into it via taxes through the years.

Or they may be the people who never took any responsibility to purchase health insurance even though they could have but take advantage of the charity of health care providers who sometimes do perform surgery and offer treatment without charging the patient. But of course in reality someone pays for it.

There have been so many advances in health care over the years that have been a boon to patients but have also made costs skyrocket and there has been so much inefficiency in the delivery system that it seems to me the only practical way to provide health care for everyone is through a cooperative effort paid by us all via the government. But something that would be called national health care or socialized medicine cannot fly in our political climate.

And perhaps private enterprise under government oversight is the way to go for us.

If Obamacare really does not work it can be repealed, but one would think it ought to be given a chance. The status quo is bankrupting us and is not providing health care in any kind of equitable fashion. And I never did hear any credible alternatives put forth by the opposition other than let the free market work when so far it had not worked so well.



I have heard disquieting reports about premiums skyrocketing and insurance providers dropping coverage in anticipation of implementation of the new rules.

Conservatives by their own named designation would prefer to go back to the old ways. You get sick and die — end of story.

P.s. P.s

Actually the status quo was probably alright for the rich and those who had good insurance and to some extent those who gamed the welfare system, but not so good for the vast majority of working people, a large number of whom were not even offered insurance through their work. Again, I don’t even know if the new rules address the problems adequately — but they are an attempt.


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