Lou Dobbs: ‘Fetch my horse Pancho’…

Can’t you just see and hear it? Lou Dobbs: “Fetch my horse Pancho, now what was I saying? oh, yes, we have to stop the flood of illegal immigrants across our nation’s borders.” 

So Lou Dobbs the media champion in the fight against allowing illegal aliens into the U.S. has now been exposed as being a hypocrite, hiring illegals to work on his multi-million estates to tend his horses and such.http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_upshot/20101007/cm_yblog_upshot/report-lou-dobbs-employed-undocumented-immigrants

This is what I just read on the internet. If this proves to be true, and I have no reason to believe it is not, it really points out two main things. One, there is a lot of I suppose you would call demagoguery in the illegal alien issue, that is to say, people looking to gain power or political support pick a hot button emotional issue and run with it, no matter what they do or believe themselves, and two, the elites with all their money are so far removed from the everyday working folks (and even the everyday non-working folks) that they cannot comprehend the plight of the average American.

Dobbs hid behind the mantle of journalism or news commentary when he was at CNN. I liked or agreed with a lot of what he said, but I also recognized that he came off as a little overblown and self-important, pompous if you will, and not a bit objective, and you had to wonder if he was not running for something. In fact, it had been reported that he was seeking some high political office, such as senator (or president?).

Undocumented workers seem to be an integral part of our labor force, most often doing jobs others do not prefer to do or doing jobs others might prefer to do but for less money and fewer to no complaints about working conditions. The main problem is that undocumented workers take from our social welfare system while our government deficit spends already, and worst of all they bring down or hold back the wages for legal workers.

But my whole point in posting this is not the illegal worker problem, but the demagogues who use it and other issues for their own ends, but provide no useful leadership in the process — be they fame and power seeking Lou Dobbs or power seeking Meg Whitman (running for governor of California), who  also has her illegal alien hiring (and firing) problem, they seem to be part of the problem, rather than the solution.


I would have liked to give Meg Whitman a chance, even though it was unlikely that I could ever support her, but she seems to have shot herself in the foot over the illegal nanny or housemaid issue.

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