We may be all God’s children but we are not all created equal…

First we are told that Ancestry.com had discovered that President Barack Obama is related, albeit distantly, to his predecessor George W. Bush and even Dick Cheney.

Now the most recent news from that entity is that our first black president (not Clinton)  is distantly related to Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh.

At first glance I might find that all a bit startling and even hard to believe.

But if as the good book says we are all God’s children, then that should be no surprise after all. And haven’t we been told by paleontologists that everyone on earth today can trace their ancestry back to a prehistoric woman, whose bones were found in Africa, named Lucy (I don’t know if that is the latest thinking)?

I think it proves that just because one is related to someone else of exceptional intelligence does not mean he or she has the same or even nearly the same qualities.

We may all be God’s children and we may all be entitled to equal rights, but I don’t think for a minute that we are all created equal.


I’m obviously implying here that Obama is the smart one. His detractors would likely only allow that he has a gift or oratory. I think it is obvious though that Obama is the more intelligent of the bunch. But there are a lot of intelligent people who run things and still things do not always come out as we would like them to or as they should. Still I would rather there be people with intelligence and critical thinking skills and some objectivity in charge.

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