Our baseball Giants won, but our political team might lose…


As of this morning (Wednesday) I see that my home state of California has defied the national trend and has a not-so-new Democratic governor, Jerry Brown and Democrat Barbara Boxer has retained her senate seat and even Democrat Harry Reid over in Nevada has fought of the Tea Party — good work! 

California’s Prop. 19 to legalize marijuana has apparently failed. I voted against it because even though I am kind of neutral on the subject (I could have gone either way), somehow I thought legalizg it sends the wrong message to society as a whole. I think I’ll use that as a blog subject in and of itself here soon. Also, the feds would still say it is illegal, regardless, that makes things complicated.


To my mom this is the World Series and it looks like her team (and really my team too) might lose — we’re talking politics and the Tuesday election here). The good news is that the San Francisco Giants won the baseball World Series Monday night and right in front of the Bushes’ faces, at least I guess they witnessed it. I watched game 4 on TV and saw them, but I heard most of Game 5 on the radio. While I’m not really a baseball or even sports fan, I am  a native San Franciscan and I recall what a big deal it was back in ‘58 when they came to town. Actually by that time my family lived elsewhere, but I bought a Giants baseball cap with money I made selling newspapers. It had elastic in the back and was too small for my big head. I don’t know, that may explain a lot of my later life — But on to the serious stuff — except it is serious that the Giants won their first Series since 1954 — way to go GIANTS!!!!

……… Mom told me they‘d start giving us results at 3 p.m. west coast time and I thought that was a tad early, but I turned on this computer at about 4 p.m. election night and the story on Yahoo News was that the Republicans/Tea Party had already scored a victory for the night with libertarian/Tea Partier Rand Paul winning handily in Kentucky and by picking up a Senate seat in Indiana.

It has already been predicted for some time that the Republicans will take back the House — less sure about the Senate — but this does not bode well.


ADD 2:

As of 8:21 p.m. west coast time (California polls closed at 8) I see on the web that U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin is projected to lose his seat after three terms. He is described as the most liberal member of the upper house. And it is reported that the Republicans will take control of the house (I think the source is NBC).  And now a political commentator says that 50 percent of the newly registered voters are now independents (that was on KGO radio). But alas I realize that I have to go to bed because I have an early-morning delivery. Oh and this pundit, Gary Dietrich (not sure I have spelled his name correctly), says that the new trend among professional campaigners is to market their campaigns based on demographics rather than Republican or Democrat. This is interesting! Good, bad, I don’t know, but interesting, nonetheless.


Here in California — actually as a truck driver I am in Washington State right now — it is predicted that Democrat Barbara Boxer will hold onto her Senate seat and Democrat Jerry Brown will win the governorship — California often goes its own way, and it does not help the Republicans that they chose disagreeable ladies to run for the governorship and the U.S. Senate. Nice may not equal competence, but it may equal votes.


ADD 3:

And at about 8:30 p.m. west coast time, Democrat Jerry Brown is 7 points ahead in the early returns in the race for California governor. Even FOX  News is said to be projecting him to be the winner. Good.



ADD 1:

As it turns out I’m parked at a truck stop in Pierce County, Washington State where one of the most hotly-contested or tightest races in the nation is taking place. Democratic incumbent Senator Patty Murray is fighting off a challenge from Republican Dino Rossi. Murray, a former pre-school teacher and political activist, is the fourth highest ranking Democrat in the U.S. Senate. Rossi is a real estate developer and former state senator and has previously run for governor. I’d go with the pre-school teacher. I don’t know about Rossi, but my idea of developers is that they pave it over and move on to create their strip malls and auto malls elsewhere. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot and so on. Pierce County has a large population but contains both rural and urban environments. I’m kind of in the rural but next to an industrial park. We need both, of course.


Our polls in California don’t close until less than three hours as I am writing this.

Much is being made of what the voters are saying in this election that seems to promise to take away some or a lot of the legislative support for our Democratic president Barack Obama.

What I think it might be saying, after Obama took things away from the Republicans a couple of short years ago, is that the voters in general are not tied to a particular ideology but they are desperate for something that works.

To me, the elites on both sides of the aisle have let the country down.

Those Americans who don’t even vote or seldom vote or don’t keep close track of the issues are in for some of the blame too. In the absence of direct pressure from the public at large, politicians respond more readily to the special interests, everything from big corporations to unions to welfare rights organizations. Those entities with their narrow agendas.

The Democrats through the years have tried to portray themselves as the friend of the masses, the normal hardworking everyday folks, but the bulk of the money comes from the well-heeled special interests. Free public support in the way of votes and emails and cards and letters could counter that — they still depend upon your vote.

The Republicans would have you believe they represent the little shops on Main Street, but in reality most of them respond quicker to the money handed them from big business.

It has been recently written that the Tea Party is a front organization for some fat cats masquerading as a populist movement. But I suspect many have caught Tea Party fever and are not card-carrying members but they like the idea of something different.

While the Tea Party gravitates toward the Republicans and the Republicans take advantage of that, a lot of folks are going to be awfully disappointed if they do not see quick results.

We’re all into instant gratification these days:

Just ask Barack Obama.


BLOGGER’S NOTE: I’ve begun writing this blog on Tuesday evening, but my blog service dates it for the next day — maybe they are in Asia — hey it’s a free service and the only way I can get this out — I appreciate it!!! (am I guilty of outsourcing if it really is in Asia?)


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