I’d have voted Republican if given a good enough excuse, I think…

I may be a registered Democrat, but I like to think of myself as being middle of the road — although that’s a good place to get run over.  And one reason I have registered that way is that where I live you cannot vote in the primary without being registered to a respective party. That and I could not bear to register as a Republican because of what that party has come to stand for — ignorance and selfishness — which is not to say all in the party suffer from those conditions anymore than all Democrats are left-wing socialists — it’s the general persona of the party.

I am not necessarily unhappy that the Republicans had a field day Tuesday. Maybe it will make things interesting. I will say this, though, while I have no place to go, I would find it difficult to live in a country with Sarah Palin as president.

As I noted in my previous post and as is obvious, California bucked the national trend, putting in or retaining Democrats in office. And I understand that Sen. Patty Murray in Washington State, the incumbent and Democrat, is still holding a lead over her Republican opponent Dino Rossi. I know next to nothing about that state’s politics but I was in the state Wednesday delivering and picking up freight. I was kind of fooled. I was at a warehouse and heard two workers there referring to the Murray/Rossi race, with one noting that Murray was still holding a lead. I jumped to the conclusion that they were in support of Murray the Democrat, thinking that they might be union members and unions usually support the Democrats. But when I said something to one of the guys, he said he was not for Murray. “She’s a joke,” he offered. Perhaps they are not union. I’m not, for that matter. Long haul truck drivers are not unionized. Later I saw a mocking caricature scrawled in dust on the back of a truck trailer that said: “goodbye Nancy”, no doubt referring to Democrat Nancy Pelosi losing her speakership of the House to the Republicans.

Part of this may be sexist. A lot of men do not like women to have leadership roles. But a lot of it is the fact that contrary to what at least one of my political science professors thought, not all working people, not even all rank and file union folks, automatically flock to the Democrats or are left wing. On the other hand, it is strange that anyone with a good paying union job (not as many as there used to be) would even think of supporting Republicans who make no bones about being anti labor or anti union. But I always think I’d be willing to vote for a Republican if they would just give me an excuse to do so that I could buy.


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