Great White Hope or that is the white guy from Hope works his old black magic…

The Great White Hope or at least the white guy from Hope, was back in the White House Friday and he stole the show or was actually given the show by President Barack Obama.

It seems almost logical that Bill Clinton the white guy who was tagged “our first black president” ended up showing our real first black president how politics is done — working his, well, his old black magic.

Clinton held court with the White House press corps for a half hour, doing such a good job in selling Obama’s tax deal with the rival Republicans that Obama himself left Bill there to carry on by himself, while he took his wife out for a holiday party.

I personally have not had much use for Bill Clinton since the tawdry episode with the blue dress that gave so much ammunition to the right-wing nut faction to use against all progressive or even middle of the road causes, but I have to say, he is smooth.

Who knows? Maybe we should have put Billary in the White House.

Someone suggested to me, though, that Bill did not really want Hillary in the White House and so sabotaged her campaign (you recall some of his untoward remarks concerning Obama).

I wonder if the Constitution would allow Bill to run for Vice President on the 2012 Obama ticket.

Obama could act as head of state, attending ceremonial functions and such, and Bill could get things done.

As Obama himself said, one of the best economies in our lifetime was on Bill’s watch.

Maybe I’m just falling under the Bill Clinton spell.

I recall comedian Chris Rock joking: “That Clinton is a smooth one — heck, I’d sleep with him”!


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