Life is for the living; Happy New Year!

Life is for the living and the Lord helps those who help themselves. I think that might be my motto for the New Year and could well work for the whole nation.

A bout with cancer (that I still technically have), but a return to good health, and then the loss of my wife has taught me to appreciate the good things I may have (because I won’t have them forever) and to appreciate every day.

As a nation I think it’s about time we quit collectively wringing our hands and waiting for someone or something to save us.

There are a lot of people out of work with little to no hope of working again, although there are some signs of improvement too in that regard.

But as a nation, we need to collectively wake up and smell the coffee and realize that it is a new day and a new century and that we are not going to be able to go back to the comfort of yesterday.

Many of us are probably not going back to work where we did before. Many of us will have to re-invent ourselves. Been there, done that, years ago. I hope I don’t have to do it again, but who knows?

I have nothing against and really am quite supportive of the idea of government social programs. But we really can’t wait or expect the government to save us. Life would not be worth living if we had to depend upon being slaves to government handouts.

We really need to pay more attention to politics and demand that our politicians cut the absurd ideological arguments and partisan politics and empty talking points and get down to serious practical policy making.

And these costly, unproductive, destructive, and unjust wars need to come to an end. War is not the answer. The only time we need or have to fight a war is if we are directly attacked. And then we have to give it everything we’ve got.

Thank goodness the American public and politicians were not so out of tune, namby pamby, and scared to make a commitment back in World War II.

As a nation we need to get our pride and intestinal fortitude back.

The best thing we could do is throw out all existing politicians and start over again. We should also turn our backs on the money changers and quit being their slaves.

The power really is in the hands of the people. And that is not a revolutionary or anti-capitalist slogan — it is reality, if we could just realize it.

The Tea Party (such as it is) has flaws but it is a healthy idea in general concept and a good start.

In California we’ve actually brought back an old politician as our new governor, Jerry Brown. But from what I hear he is promising to take the brave step of making drastic across-the-board cuts in the budget to help fight the deficit, and I imagine somewhere along the line higher taxes are in the offing. I think people might eventually be supportive of some tax hikes if they thought money was being spent prudently and we were getting something for our hard-earned dollars.

A lot of people are off work as I close this post, either because they are starting the New Year’s holiday early or because they do not have a job. I’m going to start up my truck and head back out on the road, but I’m feeling pretty good about life and the New Year!




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