And now Algeria? I say stand back and let it happen…

“They can’t kill us because we are already dead”.

You have to be pretty desperate to have that attitude.

But that’s what a news story quoted a 29-year-old unemployed Algerian anti-government protestor as saying.

It seems that there is now unrest and a budding revolt possibly in a third Middle Eastern nation. After the crowds forced one despot to leave in Tunisia in January and then another in Egypt just a day or so ago (after a tense 18-day standoff), there were reports over the last 24 hours of a movement to force the ouster of the Algerian dictator. It has been met, though, with strong resistance from the authorities.

But so far I think this all bodes well for the United States. Seems to me we could have saved a lot of our own treasure and bloodshed over the years by going about our business and letting the people in the region resolve their own problems.

When the 13 British colonies in America got enough of despotism, they took it upon themselves to revolt. Yes, they did get some help from France along the way, but another country did not instigate it.

Both the Egyptians and Tunisians were fortunate in that they had their respective national armies basically on their side or in sympathy with them. Not sure what the case is in Algeria.

In Iran, I think the state security forces and the Army and most notably the Revolutionary Guard are a formidable obstacle to what I guess you would call the now latent or dormant opposition there, which did indeed protest with much enthusiasm and some bloodshed a few months ago.

But in this day of instant communication via the internet and its social media and with so many often highly-educated but unemployed young people — millions upon millions — in the Arab world the status quo is giving way.

I say stand back and let it happen.


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