It helps to have public employees who are happy at their jobs…

I almost feel guilty about not already speaking up on the behalf of government workers. I for one do not want to see them have poorer working conditions or even necessarily see less of them — even with ballooning local and state and federal budget shortfalls.

A few years back now I came down with cancer and had to be on state and then Social Security Disability for a time. I also had some income tax questions. I got a lot of help from government employees and I found virtually all of them to be quite courteous and the whole process quite efficient.

People who are relatively well paid and have good job security are more likely to have a disposition that allows them to serve you well.

Whether it is in the public sector or the private sector we always run into some who are not so cooperative. But I have had good luck with most government employees.

Certainly the public’s funds are not unlimited and there has been much abuse in some sectors when it comes to salaries and especially retirement packages (especially in some local governments, it seems). But one has to remember the public’s funds were not put at risk by the employees. It was our elected representatives who voted to spend the money and we all voted for them.

I think that now that times are tough there is a lot of scapegoat going on, and it is easy to get the public riled and make them jealous of those on the public payroll.

All this does not mean that I think public employees should be paid over or way over what those in the private sector get. What I do think is that when you need something from government you want the people who will get it for you to be happy in their work.

Just something to consider.


Now I feel better. And thanks for the help.


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