U.S. should indeed send all it can to Japan in its hour of need; Reactor meltdown threats give pause to the idea we should expand nuclear energy here…

I’m glad to see that the United States is putting all of its available resources together to help Japan in the wake of its worst earthquake ever — now upgraded to 9 from the previous 8 on the Richter Scale — and the accompanying tsunami (the water doing the most damage).

Hopefully we will do a better job than when we tried to help ourselves during Katrina.

And I think that every available resource needs to be sent, even if it means pulling ones out of the Middle East. I’d rather see us saving people than killing people for geo political advantage.

Worrisome is the ongoing nuclear reactor crisis in Japan. Reports are unclear at the time I am writing this, but it seems that possibly three plants are involved. At any rate, there is a fear of a partial or complete meltdown at more than one plant. I don’t understand the science, but I know that the danger is that deadly radiation will be — already has been to an extent? — spread into the atmosphere.

In my mind this gives pause to the notion that we should move ahead with expanding nuclear energy in this country — how safe is it really?

And the scientists among you tell me this: has it ever been figured out what to do with the wastes?

There was some damage from the tsunami on the U.S. West Coast, but minor, compared to Japan. We even had some deaths — some people actually were killed after purposely going down to the beaches to watch for the tsunami (what were they thinking?).

It looks as if the deaths in Japan will reach into the several thousands (million?   ADD 1: 10,000 seems now to be the current estimate).

I understand that Japan was extremely prepared in earthquake-resistant construction but could not protect itself from the waves. I wonder how well we would do in the same situation. Infrastructure does not seem to be a big concern here and no one wants to spend money on safety — just fun.

Japan will recover. The people are strong.

Best wishes to them and hopes we can be of help.


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