Why not Blitzkrieg Gaddafi? And I go out on a limb and predict Romney for 2012 Republican nod…

Most of my blogs are on one subject, but because of time considerations, I am going to throw in two items here: Operation Odyssey Dawn (the bombing of Libya) and the possibility that Mitt Romney might get the Republican nomination for 2012.

First, Odyssey Dawn.

We all know the real intent here is for Gaddafi to leave his seat of power in Libya (and maybe hang him — okay, I just threw that second part in). So why didn’t they just send in some special forces and do just that? Or if that is not possible, then why not a coordinated land, sea, and air attack — lightning war (the German in me — Blitzkrieg), oust Gaddafi and his henchmen and set up a provisional government?

It does seem as if Gaddafi could hardly hold out indefinitely with the continued air attacks — but who knows?

But apparently no one has an idea of who is going to take charge once he is gone . In fact, no one I am reading seems to know what the actual makeup of the hodgepodge of untrained rebel forces of all ages is and whether they will begin to fight among themselves if or when Gaddafi leaves. I mean, even though the civilized West would like to think that they are just the “people” all thinking with one mind, I doubt it works that way there. That is why I think a provisional government has to be set up for the Libyan people.

Things need to be stabilized as quickly as possible and the oil needs to continue to flow, because, be honest, that is what it is all about.

(I know there were volunteers who went over and fought for the cause of freedom loving people in Spain all those years ago. I read “For Whom the Bell Tolls” too. But the U.S. did not intervene. We intervene when we see our interests (read oil in this one) are at stake.

There is no clear leadership in this operation and it does not even have a clear official goal. It still might accomplish something positive, but I am doubting it.


Nothing much to say here really, except that I read an item in Time Magazine online that suggests Mitt Romney is scoring highest among the Tea Party as a Republican candidate for the 2012 presidential election.

I went out on a limb and predicted early on that he would be the candidate last time. It is not that I care for him or his politics. I just thought he had the look and smirk and business credentials that Republicans demand. I also thought he had the ability to unabashedly waffle enough to appeal to a cross section of voters.

An example (besides his flip flop on abortion): un-modern Republican-like he pushed through a health care plan when he was governor or Massachusetts and then had the cajones to criticize Obama for pushing through what many consider a quite identical plan on a national scale.

(I will admit I get lost in the health plan debates. I have not seen the improvement. Rates are still going up as the amount of coverage received goes down, even under the new health care law. Give it time they say. Hey I’m, 61, not so old maybe, but old enough I don’t feel I have enough time to see the benefits. But that’s just me. But then again, I would prefer a more nationalized plan, but I usually don‘t say that in mixed company.)

But I am willing to go out on a limb and even earlier predict that Romney is it.

If unemployment stays high as it is and if the economy does not remarkably improve, I think Mitt has a chance of beating Obama in the main election.

I would be interested in hearing his foreign policy ideas.

And I don’t see me ever voting for him.


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