Who are these Libyan rebels? Are the rebels thugish as Gaddafi?

What if the Libyan “rebels” turn out to be just as much thugs as Gaddafi and his henchmen? Really what has been achieved? Supposedly the U.S. and the other members of the coalition are not after regime change (although of course they are). President Obama claims we are just trying to protect the Libyan people from being slaughtered by their government. But “just the people” don’t carry military weapons and go from town to town looking for Gaddafi supporters. And something  occurs to me: doesn’t anyone there work for a living? Who feeds these rebels? And if we are just trying to be some kind of buffer between the Gaddafi forces and the hapless natives, why is the Obama administration considering whether to supply the rebels with arms?

From all the reports I’ve seen, despite CIA involvement that began even before the UN (and now NATO-involved) no-fly zone (actually a bombing campaign) commenced, we (the U.S.) do not have a clue as to the makeup of the rebel forces — I mean we don’t even know if they are friendly to the West (of course they want our money and guns and munitions).

I’ve been hearing reports of maltreatment of residents in Libya at the hands of these rebels who some would have you believe are “freedom fighters”.

I have mixed emotions over the continued vow by Obama not to put American troops on the ground. On the one hand I am glad to see that he does not plan to get us stuck in still another quagmire, but on the other hand I have to question then why we are wasting our money and time there when we have so much that needs to be done at home.

Ross Douthat (a strange name), a columnist for the New York Times, keeping in mind that although the rebel forces may not be solid Al Qaeda (my term), there is certainly some Jihadist (his term) influence and participation there, opines that the best scenario might be for Gaddafi to be ousted in some type of coup with the current government, minus Gaddafi, staying in place.

As you have no doubt read, there are signs that the Gaddafi regime might (might) be cracking, with the defection of at least two top officials and rumors of more defections.

While I don’t usually listen to pretend right-wing/genuine right-wing nut radio aimed at ratings from reactionary fans radio, I did catch a minute or so of Rush Limburger Cheese and he seemed almost frantic that Obama just might pull the Libyan thing off and then be able to brag about a major foreign policy accomplishment for the 2012 election. While I doubt Rush has anything to be concerned about there, it would be neat if Obama could have a major hand in toppling Gaddafi, something the right could hardly criticize, but would anyway. 

I’m still thinking that region of the world needs to sort out its own mess.


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