Ever wonder why working folks would vote for what is usually called the “Party of the Rich”?


BLOGGER’S NOTE: you’ve come this far, I’d like you to read the rest of my post, but even if you think you’d rather not, I ask that you at least check out the link I give down the page here to an opinion piece in the Washington Post — it kind of says it all. But I’d like you to read my thoughts too. Thanks.


Most of us are not rich, but have you ever wondered why so many working people vote for Republicans (your‘s truly not included, so far), often called “The Party of the Rich”?

Even if it seems the Republicans can’t come up with a potential presidential candidate who could appeal to a highly diverse cross section of voters necessary to win election to the presidency, watch out President Obama and Democratic Party, because you still don’t get it after all these years.

Working people, who make up the bulk of the electorate, want someone who represents their interests, not someone who panders to the poor (don’t mean to be cruel) or those waiting for a handout paid for by taxes on their own hard-earned wages. And while the working folks envy the rich they don’t necessarily respond to calls for punishing the rich in favor of the poor (although I will note here that a recent poll found favor among president Obama’s call to reinstate higher taxes on the rich). That’s because the assumption in this country is that if you are rich that is because there is opportunity in this country. You can go from poor to rich.

I do think that most of us do have sympathy for the down and out because we say to ourselves: “but there for the grace of God go I”. But that only goes so far. We also know that responsible people do everything they can to take care of themselves and their families, and there is also the saying: the “Lord helps those who help themselves” or “charity begins at home”.

Republicans, in turn, have miscalculated in their move to virtually do away with government social programs, because middle class or lower middle class working people do value Social Security and Medicare and some related programs as part of the recognized security structure of their lives, but they feel that have earned the benefits through their work. Even the so-called Tea Partiers who say they want to cut out all the social giveaways coming out of tax dollars say, “whoa, hold on” when it comes to their Social Security and Medicare.

At one time I lived in the Sacramento area, and following state and local politics, I found that while the inner city Sacramento with its high population of poor is predominantly Democratic, while the surrounding sprawl of suburbs is predominantly Republican.

I kind of instinctively knew why, and I have always noted that unlike the assumption of some of my political science professors in college, the working man doesn’t necessarily fall over himself for Democrats, quite the contrary often (depending partly on geography).

But really what I am trying to say is that, well sometimes someone comes along and writes a piece that sums things up a lot better than I have or can. So without further ado, I give you this link to what I think is an excellent opinion piece in the Washington Post. http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/the-democrats-working-class-problem/2011/04/19/AFBKSnQE_story.html?hpid=z6


Well I just couldn’t resist one other thought. If you work for a relatively small business, even if you are just an employee, you might well see what is good for the small businessman is directly in your own self-interest. That business fails, you have no job. The Republicans often do a better job of painting themselves as the friend of small business, true or not.


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