Clandestine raids may be more effective than conventional war…

I understand the Libya War or the effort to oust Gaddafi is stalling because the rebels are disorganized and poorly trained and NATO is not giving enough support.

It occurs to me — why not do to Gaddafi what we (the U.S.) did to Bin laden? In fact, maybe instead of sending so many troops into the Middle East we should be running clandestine operations against all terrorist leaders and supporters (such as Gaddafi).

I have long been a critic of the wars, but at the same time have always suggested that if we are to fight a war or wars, we need to go in no holds barred, with no option except total victory and total surrender of the opposing forces. I still feel that way. War is bad enough, but anything less than all-out war is a criminal waste of lives and money.

But I realize that special ops and cloak and dagger and assassinations might be a more effective, if somewhat less ethical, way to go. And maybe we can do both, regular war and clandestine operations at the same time (well we already do apparently).

The problem is that if we were to get carried away with clandestine operations it could quickly get out of hand.

We need to be selective in all of this. But who should lose sleep, except the terrorists, if we go after known terrorists, such as Bin Laden, who never proclaimed innocence, but instead bragged about his exploits and called for more to come, and Gaddafi who is known to have supported and harbored an airline bomber and other terrorists?

I do not see the sense or efficacy in nation building such as we tried to do in Iraq or we are trying to do in Afghanistan. I mean I understand the idea that if only people there embraced western democracy and created a middle class (something we seem to be losing) there would be less of a seed bed for terrorism. We are kind of hoping that is what the so-called Arab Spring is all about. But such a move has to be from the people there themselves. And there is no guarantee that their culture will fully embrace our ways.

In my opinion we should encourage our form of democracy in the Middle East, but our primary goal should be to protect ourselves from terrorism and realize we cannot and should not even try to remake the world in our image.

What we are trying to do or should be trying to do is go directly after the terrorists who threaten us — that is enough to keep our hands full as it is.

The drones and precision raids seem a good way to do this.

But where we choose the more conventional approach of land war, we should go all out in order to accomplish the mission instead of creating long and drawn out wars of attrition that present stalemates and end up with results we don‘t prefer.

I would like to think that Gaddafi hears that buzzing sound of the unseen drone above him or thinks he does.


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