Those truisms we carry around in our head may not be true…

These ideas we carry around in our heads about what is obviously true it seems are not always accurate.

I’m always trying to comment on politics and current events to, well to someone near and dear to me, who I get the idea could hardly care less (too many things going on right around this person to give a hang about all that), and just the other day I casually mentioned to this person, in relation to the Bin Laden whack job done by the U.S., that the U.S. also had a president of Chile killed many years ago because he was too cozy with the communists (back during the Cold War). That would be Salvador Allende.

But today while I was reading a story about Osama Bin Laden having kept a stash of porn — hardly acceptable for such a supposedly pious Muslim as he (sarcasm here) — I noted that it mentioned that it had not been determined whether the stash actually was viewed or belonged to Bin Laden himself. But the word had already spread like wildfire in the news stories, especially over the airwaves, that Bin Laden was an avid viewer of porn. And that has now gone down as accepted truth (not that all that makes a bit of difference in anything). That got me to thinking about the notion that Allende was offed by our own CIA (I‘m not sure how I saw the connection).

So I did my quick (and I admit probably not always reliable) internet research (that would primarily be Wikipedia) and could find nothing that said flat out that the CIA or the U.S. had a direct hand in Allende’s death. In fact, it has not been determined whether he was murdered in a coup or whether he committed suicide.

And that got me to thinking about all the false notions or unsubstantiated stories and urban legends (razor blades every Halloween in children’s candy) that become generally-accepted truths or truisms or memes that we all carry around in our heads.

And everything that George W. Bush did was correct because he knew things he could not tell us (I imagine he really did). And I know that last sentence seems to lack a transition from the rest of the post, but it just popped into my head.

Moms it is said always tell their children to wear clean underwear because they might get into an accident and they would not want others to see the results of their own poor hygiene, casting shame on the whole family.

Maybe they should remind their sons (or daughters too?) to either get rid of that stash of porn or at least keep it where no one could possibly find it or associate it with them lest something terrible were to happen and their name go down to disgrace in posterity.


To be clear here, I am not worried about Bin Laden’s legacy and am pleased he was disposed of.

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