Palin out of control as a face in the crowd and me as the world’s worst customer…

I usually stick to one topic in my blog posts, but I want to, for wont of time, quickly address two separate issues.

One, which I should just leave alone, but can’t, is Sarah Palin. I have come to not only dislike her, but in fact detest her. She makes a mockery out of presidential politics, which should be pretty serious stuff (okay Trump and others do that too). There is no evidence so far that she stands for anything and that she in fact knows anything of public policy and American history and even world geography, or politics, really.

What she does know about is how to capitalize on near accidental fame. Ever since John McCain pulled her out of nowhere to run as his vice presidential running mate in his bid for the White House she has turned a political loss into a financial gold mine for herself, doing the speaker tour and book thing and raising money thing. Some would say that shows she is one smart lady. Well a prostitute can make a lot of money, but that does not say much for her (and I did not call Palin a wh…, directly anyway; I just made an anology of sorts).

For those who would not like to see the Republicans retake the White House, Palin may be the best thing that could happen. Even if she is unsuccessful she messes things up for the whole party, siphoning off support others would need.

(But, God forbid, what if, by some quirk, she made it to the White House!?)

There is at least one book out on her by a former staff member of hers that I understand describes her as terribly selfish and vindictive and as basically a phony, whether it be in her devotion to the conservative cause or religion. I don’t know about all that for sure, although the indications seem to be there for anyone who has even glanced at the news since she came on the scene. I doubt I will take time to read the book, but I may.

She reminds me of the character Andy Griffith played in a movie called “A Face in the Crowd” where some TV producers pick a country bumpkin out of nowhere and make him famous. He starts out as a seemingly good guy, but once the fame goes to his head, he gets out of control and rather ugly.


The second topic: well it is probably not worth mentioning, but I will anyway. I am probably the world’s worst customer. I hate shopping (generally) and I hate going in to get my computer serviced or looked at. But I was having trouble using my computer in its mobile mode. I went to the place where it was bought — everything, the computer and the air card and programs and programming was all done and/or bought there. I spent maybe an hour or two there and talked to three different people at least and was led from station to station and in the end accomplished nothing and left, to say the least, a dissatisfied customer, and of course I told them so.

As it turned out I should have gone directly to the AT&T store (although I spoke to purported AT&T representatives in the afore-mentioned store).

But even there I had to call the AT&T customer service line first (I had done so before I went, at the advice, I admit, from the afore-mentioned computer store — so maybe I did get something accomplished there after all, in a way).

I got a new air card, which I was told would be free, but it cost $20, but I was made to feel good because it is supposed to cost $300.

Remember when all we had were the old-fashioned telephones that the phone company installed themselves? What if we would have had to pay $300 at any given time if the phone went bad?

I did not mention the name of the computer store. It is a well-known chain. But they are good at some things and I am probably the world’s worst customer anyway.

I’m not all that big on the whole computer thing, but when they work they sure are handy and it does allow me to do this blog, which I enjoy.

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