Hot dog proves himself to be a weenie…

So could New York Congressman Anthony Weiner just do us all a favor and resign?

I had refrained from doing a post on this thinking it was just one of those too silly, albeit tragic (that is tragic for his constituents, his wife, and the country — not necessarily in that order) stories that pop up, pardon the expression, from time to time.

But for God sakes! now that it has come out that he has supposedly actually sent over the internet explicit photos, not disguised by underwear, of his private parts to women (who probably did not even care to see them) and all of this while it is just reported that his new wife is pregnant, please Mr. Weiner, just resign and get what ever mental help you need and spare us.

Really, he has no credibility anymore and he is obviously sick. If nothing else, no matter how socially or sexually (or even politically) liberal one is in these things, he has incredibly too poor judgment to perform his duties as a U.S. congressman (not that the bar is all that high), representing not only his folks back home but the whole nation too.

He had been known to be kind of a Democratic Party liberal hot dog, but now, to use an expression in vogue some time ago that meant wimpy, he’s proven himself to be just a real weenie.


I think you call it odd, or perhaps deliberate, juxtaposition, but as I was reading the latest story on Weinergate, to my right I saw an ad for Hebrew National Hot Dogs.


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