A little road trouble doesn’t dampen my HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA spirit…

Written on the evening of the Fourth of July..

I had wanted to write a Fourth of July blog but my truck driving work got in the way. Funny how work gets in the way of things you want to do. It looks like I won’t even see any fire works — although it is still  light as I write this (but the way this blog service works, the posted date will be the 5th, I think), so I might still see some. If I were at home I would have a front-row seat for the local fireworks display. But I have been out on the road in the past and seen some pretty good shows as I was driving. Actually yesterday evening someone threw one of those twirly fireball things on the road as I drove through Madras, Oregon — hey there was my show.

To make matters worse, that is besides having to drive today and tonight, I just had a tire blow out here on the freeway about 45 minutes  ago, and here I sit — well just now the road service guy called me and said he is on his way — that’s good news.

But really this is the Fourth of July or it is while I am writing this and this small problem does not bother me. I’m just happy to live in America and have a job.

And if I could have put more effort into this post I would have said something like I think I know what makes America so great. While we are not perfect and we have constant internal dissention, we are still THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY AND FREEDOM. People all over the world want to come to America and make a new start.

Even though it is true that the super rich keep gobbling up more and more of our resources and even though when it comes to economics and lifestyle we do have classes in our society, we do not have an ingrained class system based on birth and blood lines and so on. And people can move up, even if it seems at times that opportunity is not as large or likely as it used to be — and I do not know for sure that the opportunity is not just as great as it ever was.

We used to have the frontier, which offered people a chance to pull up stakes and start a new life — it was never a guarantee of success, but it worked for a lot of people.

But people still do move on, they just don’t simply go west anymore. They go wherever it seems there might be an opportunity to do better, north or east or south or west.

While I often disagree with the hardcore conservatives when they seem to be in such opposition to social programs and most any kind of regulation on business, I do think we need to keep that American can-do spirit alive and promote self-sufficiency and the retention of that pioneer spirit.

Well I’m not really saying what or all I want to say here due to time and other considerations, like figuring out how to make up for lost time on this run, but I do feel fortunate to be born in America.


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