Huntsman says conservation is conservative; I like that…

Except for the fact that Jon Huntsman — one of two Mormon presidential candidates — looks like a clone of nearly every Mormon man I have ever seen (even more so than Mitt Romney, the other Mormon), kind of an eerie “Boys from Salt Lake City” thing, he could be the kind of conservative I could like.

I say that only because I just read a story in which he was quoted as asserting that conservation is part of being conservative. It seems that most modern conservatives eschew worries over climate change and the environment and even the idea of conservation (of the earth’s resources) itself.

To be fair, I think the idea of many conservatives is that although conservation and the environment are of course important, some people (they would say “liberals”) use the issue as a device to promote social programs and restrictions on individual liberty.

And the integrity of various climate change studies and the methodologies of them have come into question lately, with indications that some of their evidence was faked.

On the other hand, the yahoos I seem to hear all the time just spout ignorance and parrot what idiots such as Rush Limburger Cheese spout each day (and he does it just to make money, not that he necessarily believes what he says — at least that is the way I see it). Unfortunately, there is a lot of money to be made in promoting ignorance it seems.

And now comes Huntsman saying that the whole debate over climate change should be based on science instead of politics. Amen to that brother.

The fact that he has the guts to say this, knowing that it does not do anything to win votes among what is seen as the Republican base, and he is a Republican, makes me think that he might be sincere, if not politically savvy. Then again, a conservative who could draw in moderate (and even some liberal) voters might just stand a good chance of winning.

(He made his remarks at a meeting of Republicans for Environmental Protection. Sounds dubious, but then again Richard Nixon, a Republican, was the one who created the EPA — go figure.)

And this paragraph is kind of out of place here, but this is a blog — even liberals know that if the country goes broke all their social programs a schemes go down the drain.

But I doubt I would like much of what Huntsman stands for other than what I have just noted — don’t know much about him yet, though.

Like I always say: I almost could be a Republican at times if they (Republicans) would give me a reason to be one.

A link to the story I mentioned:


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