If you don’t like California don’t let us hold you back, and the Great Money God wins again as shopping center developers prepare to pave paradise while cities decay…

A lot of people talk about how great things are in Texas, how many jobs there are there, and that they don’t have an income tax and don’t put onerous regulations on business.

I think they also talk about Idaho where the climate is apparently more friendly to gun ownership.

I was born and raised and have lived almost my whole life in California.

I for one would be glad to see as many people as want to leave.

More air for me to breathe here.

A lot of the malcontents probably originally came from somewhere else.

As far as I am concerned they probably should go back home.

I like Oregon but probably would not move there. I think too many Californians have already done that and some of them maybe have brought their own ruin-the-land ways with them. I mean we have done our best to do that right here in California by paving paradise and putting up a parking lot (s). Given time that may happen in Oregon, more than it already has.

Too many people is what has spoiled California.

So all of you who want to leave — so long, have a nice life.

I feel sorry, almost, for those who will have their paradise invaded, though.

Oh, I recently did a post about the Board of Supervisors holding a hearing on approval of  a rezone to put up a shopping center in a green belt between two cities in my home county here in Northern California. They voted in favor.

The Great Money God always wins (at least here on Earth).

Despite the claim of so many to be good Christians, what they really worship is money, not God nor his creations.

We really need that shopping center while ones in our town are becoming vacant.

The developers do their dirty work and then move on.


ADD 1:

What I am referring to as far as development in this post is the Churn Creek Bottom in Shasta County, California. Redding, where I live, is the county seat. I guess a citizens group is still trying to put the kibosh on the shopping center through a petition drive. Indeed I was at a small market in the area yesterday and a woman had a table set up. I personally don’t sign petitions. I also found it curious that on the web one group who seemed to be anti-shopping center referred to itself as the Tea Party. I thought the tea baggers were a conservative faction and I always thought conservatives were for money no matter what it means to the environment (you know, the Earth heals itself and all). Actually I just looked at the Tea Party post again and I guess someone was giving an anti-shopping center talk to them. What their actual position is I don’t know, but it seems by the way they posted it they are against. An interesting thing the speaker said is that the center would not create new jobs because it would just take away jobs from stores closing in the nearby city. Also it won’t even mean many local construction jobs because for some reason developers use mostly outside contractors and labor. Also it will suck away more sales taxes from the nearby cities. Redding is already cuting police and firefighters for lack of revenue. But, anyway,  here is a link about the petition drive: http://www.krcrtv.com/news/28842944/detail.html

ADD 2:

I previously gave my views on such development as I refer to in this post in a previous post: https://tonywalther.wordpress.com/2011/07/30/while-the-cities-become-blighted-developers-move-to-pave-paradise-and-put-up-a-parking-lot…/

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