It’s really shaping up to be Romney vs. Obama; you have to take these GOP candidates seriously, one could become president…

UPDATE (9-13-11)

Was not able to catch the most recent GOP debate after all, but a headline I read says that Perry is making Romney a “tougher” candidate. It’s almost like Perry is there as his foil.


ADD 1:

Former Minnestota governor Tim Pawlenty, who dropped out of the presidential race, has now endorsed Romney. The correspondent I heard commented that it might be a signal that Romney is viewed by the establishment, so to speak, as the only GOP candidate with the stature to run for the top office. See bottom of this post for more on that (well, not much more).


I’ m certainly going to try to catch the Republican presidential candidate debate this evening on radio (while I’m driving my truck on my real job).

It should be interesting to see how they handle the Social Security questions, seeing as how they will be debating in the state of Florida, whose population is heavy on retirees.

As we all know, Republicans seem to be anti-Social Security even though they use and/or depend upon it — yes, this puzzles me too.

Some say they just want to revamp it so it can be saved from going bust.

The debate, as I understand it, is sponsored by something called the Tea Party Express. It is quite difficult to know what the so-called Tea Party is all about. Many, including me, think it is a front for big money interests who have duped regular citizens into joining the cause.

It would be more interesting if the Tea Party could field its own candidate who was neither pro-big government/liberal nor pro-business interests, but just pro-regular people. But maybe that is not what the Tea Party is all about.

And it does seem you have to run as either a Republican or a Democrat to win the presidency.

Don’t know if I will be able to catch the debate and don’t know when I will be able to comment on it due to my work schedule (and sleep schedule), but I am sure going to try — you have to take these folks seriously — one of them might become president!

My current prediction for the 2012 contest:

Romney vs. Obama, with the edge going to Romney, even though if he had been president he may well have handled things quite similar to Obama. One observation I read on the web suggested that the Pawlenty endorsement could help bring the Tea Party into the Romney fold — I know so little of the Tea Party or Pawlenty, I wouldn’t know, but if that is so, it really does look like President Romney (he’s sure been working at it for a long time and the Republicans do like to let everyone have their turn).



In the original version of my previous post I inadvertently or mistakenly used the acronym IUD instead of IED (ouch!).


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