I discover Amy Winehouse posthumously…

I discovered for myself in the past 48 hours the talent of Amy Winehouse. Too bad she died recently. Because I follow the news of the day I could not help but have heard of her, but I knew nothing of her music or her, just that she apparently had a substance abuse problem and physical and emotional problems as well.

(Yes I realize the real news of the day at this time is that Amanda Knox is free, but that is another story I all but ignored.)

But quite by accident I discovered Amy Winehouse on You Tube and thoroughly enjoyed the two music videos I watched. A third video was an interview in which she was obviously under the influence of addicting substances and it was sad and ugly — especially after watching her true and great talent.

I know little about music, except there is a lot of it I cannot stand — but what I saw I liked.

It is tragic that so many talented people, and it seems so much prevalent in the world of music and other art, fall prey to addictions and emotional problems.

Amy Winehouse had a unique bluesy-type voice, and her music, I guess, was a kind of mix of jazz, blues, R&B, and soul.

On the two videos I watched, besides a band, she was accompanied by two black gentlemen, one kind of tall, and the other a little shorter and hefty, dressed in dark suits and ties, who danced in Blues Brothers-style to the tempo of her music. Maybe I am not hip enough or not in on the joke, but they seemed to be a parody of the Blues Brothers, who were two white guys — Dan Aykroyd and the late John Belushi , another victim of substance abuse himself — who were themselves parodies of two soul brothers, as far as I know.

Before when I heard the name Amy Winehouse I had no interest. Now I do. I’m sorry she was lost to us.


One of the videos that caught my eye and ear:


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