Romney and Perry looked as though they might go to fisticuffs — I score Romney the winner…

Just watched the Republican candidate presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nev., via my computer, and it seemed to me Mitt Romney was the clear winner. And that does not mean I agree with anything that he said, but he came across as more level headed and presidential-looking than his fellow GOP opponents.

I thought he and Rick Perry were going to get into an actual physical altercation for a while — Mitt actually put a friendly but at the same time an intimidating or maybe I should say condescending arm on Perry’s shoulder — that would have been the best time for Perry to slug him (I almost wished he had and I don’t even care for Perry one bit).  Romney mocked Perry as he deflected some pointed accusations from him, saying: “This has been a tough couple of debates for Rick, and I understand that. And you’re going to get testy…”

I don’t think Herman Cain quite lived up to his polling expectations, but he may prove to have a strong following. His 9-9-9 tax plan was attacked as actually adding taxes or raising taxes (Cain’s position is that overall it actually reduces the tax burden).

Ron Paul said meaningful and interesting things, but I guess as usual seemed lackluster. Newt Gingrich was like the old sage, but did not seem to sound like a serious candidate. Bachman just seemed irrelevant (yesterday’s news — kind of a one-hit wonder). Rick Santorum, I have no comment.

Jon Huntsman, ever the outsider, did not take part — maybe he needs to switch parties or run as an independent.

I tuned in a little late and my feed on the computer got interrupted periodically.

Maybe I will have time to read a transcript and some stories and combine those thoughts for a more thorough or meaningful analysis.

I may be misreading this, but it seems like the audience went for Romney, although Paul got some applause when he said he’d bring the troops on the Afghanistan border with Pakistan home to protect the U.S. Mexico border (actually he is for bringing all the troops home). But he did not come out in favor of a border fence. I think he said he is for making it easier for people wanting to come here to work to do so (this is where I need the transcript).


I did go back and check a transcript, but it seems to me that I did not miss much of anything important. I don’t see that Paul outlined his budget plan but anyone who keeps up on the political news knows that he basically proposes eliminating a lot of federal departments. And he did say that he would eliminate all foreign aid.


For a long time now I have been wondering why Rick Perry has a strange kind of stiff stance. Now it appears to me he is wearing a bullet-proof vest (maybe that was already reported on, but I just caught on).


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