Gaddafi dead; a victory for Libyan rebels, but also another Obama victory in the War on Terror, and credit to Bush too…

No one is more surprised than me (not that my opinion counts) how well this Libya adventure has turned out. I would have or did predict protracted war turning into a quagmire.

Gaddafi is dead. Caught like the rat he was, hiding in a hole (just like Saddam Hussein), and his corpse apparently messed with something like Mussolini (although no hanging upside down from a street lamp, as far as I know).

So I have to give one to our commander-in-chief, and this follows up on the excellent dispatch of Osama Bin Laden.

Also this was done under the cover of NATO (way to go!).

Of course I may seem like I am slighting the ones who actually bagged him, that is the Libyan rebels, but they have had the support of Obama and NATO in all of this — but way to go guys (but who knows if they might not turn on us some day?).

Now that the world-wide terror supporter is dead, let’s get out while the getting is good and let the Arabs fight one another or hopefully come to a peaceful resolution as to who runs what.

Obama (with the help of others) scores another victory in the war on terror.

And I reluctantly give credit to George W. Bush who sent out the message and set the tone for U.S. policy that says to terrorist leaders: “you can run but you can’t hide (forever)”.


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