Now is the time to start reading up on Romney…


I’ll have to read up on Romney to see if he could make me vote Republican in the presidential race. A pretty tall order, that is voting Republican. I did not catch the GOP so-called debate last night but see that the pundits declared Romney the clear winner and Rick Perry the clear loser due to a case of the flop sweats.

Cain held his ground with answers limited to cutting taxes and spending I guess and, meanwhile, his lawyer is threatening to take legal actions against accusers in the ongoing sex scandal. Obama has been a dissapointment to many (including me), but with Cain I don’t even see anything to get disappointed about.

ADD 2:

Checked the debate blog and apparently Cain did answer a question on the sexual harassment allegations, saying: “The American people deserve better than someone being tried in the court of public opinion based on unfounded accusations…” He also said his supporters are just sending him more money over the issue. I do think, though, that beyond his die-hard supporters, he has lost a lot of ground.


ADD 1:

I have to remind myself that right now we are in the primary, partisan mode of the presidential campaign — a lot of nonsense, not many real issues. In the so-called Republican debate tonight it is reported that the audience booed when questions were asked about the sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain — they were booing the questioner. If you are only supposed to ask softball questions or ones that simply set up the talking points for the candidate, really what is the use? It would be helpful, though if the media (and I hate to use that term because it is a kind of pejorative to describe working journalists) asked questions on true national and world issues and skipped the gossip, except that whether someone who wants to be president of the United States is in the habit of groping women (we had one that was famous for doing just that, Bill Clinton) is somewhat of an important issue — it goes to character, as they say. It was a big deal among the no-nothing contingent of the far right when Clinton did it, but just propaganda from the left when Cain does it (or is accused of doing it). Actually I think he is losing some of his flock over the matter.


Maybe Mitt Romney will finally win the presidency and the GOP can claim a victory, but right now it is looking to me like they have shot themselves in the foot by too much pandering to the far right, and not just conservatives, but no-nothing, anti-intellectual conservatives — there is a such a thing as intellectual conservatives — ever hear of the late William F. Buckley Jr.? And there is such a thing as thoughtful and honorable conservatives. Ever hear of the late Barry Goldwater? And there is George Will, who uses words so big or obscure that the average so-called conservative of today would not know whether he is on their side or not and I don’t know either. I haven’t read any of his stuff lately — maybe I need to see what he thinks of the current GOP circus.

I am so tired from working all day that I really don’t have the energy to write. But I was going to listen to tonight’s GOP debate on CNBC, but I seem to have no live video or even audio access to it. But a live blog post I read said the first question was on Italy and it went to Herman Cain. But he did not address the question but instead went on to something else. Figures. From what I understand about him he has no world view whatsoever.

I hear that Newt Gingrich is moving up in the polls, thanks to Cain’s problems with the sex scandal.

But I think the smart money is still on a Romney- Obama race.

I have also heard that there might be a third-party attempt by maybe someone like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who could finance it himself.

We really need a third alternative (actually alternative indicates two, so we need a third option).

We also need to get all the clowns out of the race. Looks like we might be losing one if the sex scandal keeps up.

I need to cook dinner and get some sleep.

Tomorrow has to be better.


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