What we really want to know is what did Cain’s wife say in private, but anyway now he can go back to his book tours and lecture circuit…

Not a shocker, but Herman Cain has decided to drop out of the presidential race.

It is hard to imagine why he was in it in the first place, except that it generates name recognition for book tours and speaking dates and all that stuff that pretend leaders are making money on nowadays.

Why he would want all that publicity about his alleged sexual escapades that ranged from lifting the skirt of a job interviewee to a 13-year affair with someone other than his lawful wife seems strange, except for the old adage in show business: there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

If all the stuff against him was completely false, he could have just said so without the equivocation, although it is hard to believe that much from so many separate people could be orchestrated and really, why?

Cain was way beyond his depth in the political and public affairs (except sexual affairs) arena.

And now can the serious people step up?

I would still give Mitt Romney the edge in this thing (not my own preference, just the odds). Newt is surging past him at the moment, but is prone to self-destructive behavior. Jon Huntsman seems to be in the wrong party (or at least there seems to be no room at the table for Republican moderates today). Paul is a niche candidate. The others are not really worth talking about — laughing about maybe — no not even that.

I still don’t know anything about Rick Santorum and see no reason to find out at the moment.

More than one pundit has said outright or essentially that the Republicans have put forth one of the most inept line of candidates for president in history. It is not their philosophy (although some of that is bad enough) as much as the fact many seem to be a brick short a load.

And back to Cain. What I really would like to know is what his wife told him when she got the news about his sexual romps, especially the affair not with her (true accusations or not).


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