Reviews on internet are often phony; more people should retire early so more people could work…

Here’s a tip: when you see customer reviews on a business on the internet, don’t believe them. People often pay for them.

And I overheard some insurance agents talking this morning during breakfast at a restaurant, and while I could not make out every word, I could not help but hear a lot of it (that’s why I personally always feel inhibited while talking to someone in a restaurant. It does not seem private). One agent was telling another how he phonied positive customer reviews. The other agent asked if Google did not police that. And the first agent suggested the second could send reviews to him. I know, I got it all out of context, they would say.

After being forced to listen to the chatter of the insurance agents I concluded nothing is much more boring than shop talk (although the phony review thing did pique my interest, as if I would believe any of that stuff anyway. If my own folks taught me anything in life, it was to be skeptical).

The agents also talked about the rat race, the pressure of making more and more sales and the use of money earned as a measurement of success in life. One agent said that he was content with the money he made and that he pays his employees well and — I did not catch it all — and I think that he was considering retiring early — why not enjoy life now rather than wait till I’m 80, he said, in so many words. He likely had a point there.

And that brings me to my idea, which I have expressed previously and have never gotten so much as a comment on, that rather than constantly raising the retirement age, we should lower it. People could relax and enjoy what life they have left (provided they had their health and retirement savings — I know, what’s that?), and there would be more jobs for younger people to fill.

While far too many people do not work in this country (the USA), either because of lack of openings or inability or laziness, far too many work too hard for too long, I think. For many of us work is synonymous with life itself.

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